Vacation with My Aunty

Being a Muslim guy I know that circumcision is inevitable but I'm a bit concerned about this upcoming process. I am very much reluctant to show my penis to anyone other than my aunty.

Oh, let me tell you something about my aunty. She's a chubby Indian widow aged about 37. Her name is Belly. She's my maternal aunty. Since my childhood, she has looked after me because my parents are always busy with work. The days rolled by and now I've turned 18 just last week. 

After finishing my school exams aunty asked me if I would go with her as she is going to visit her village following the beginning of my summer holidays. My mom and I agreed as I like my aunty. The next day we went out to the rural area of her village. At their house, we found Mosrakina aunty, Belly Aunty's sister-in-law, aged about 35 and her mother Surya waiting for us. They welcome us warmly. My maternal uncle stays abroad for his business purposes.

After getting cleaned up, I chit-chat with my aunties and Grammy. After some time I leave them to go watch TV in the bedroom. It's my first time here in this house and I'm keeping on the good side of them. I was watching TV, but some time later the electricity went off and I felt bored. I wondered what I could do now.

I can overhear my aunties and Grammy's voices in the next room. I am oblivious to some words, but then I overhear some conversation that made me curious enough to pay close attention and listen closely. They are talking about me. I can hear Mosrakina aunty say to Belly aunty, "You didn't invite me to your nephew's circumcision ceremony. I'd love to be there. You know l love seeing young dicks".

Then I hear Belly reply, "What are you talking about Mosrakina? Shame on you". 

Mosrakina retorts, "Don't try to make me the fool. I know why you bathe him up until now". 

Belly, " Stop blaming me. He can't do it himself and he doesn't let others bathe him".

Mosrakina, "I believe that doesn't require bathing him nude".

Then Belly goes silent.

Now I understand why she gives me a bath every day. She spends most of the bath time cleaning or rather playing with my cock. But I'm not angry with her. She takes good care of me. If it's her little fun let her have it, I think to myself. Besides, I don't feel uncomfortable being nude in front of her. I have thoroughly enjoyed what she does for me at bath time.

Now I hear a reply to Mosrakina,, "To be honest, I love it and it is also true that he doesn't let others bathe him. Moreover, his circumcision hasn't been done yet".

Mosrakina, "Oh My God. He has just turned 18, no"? 

Belly, "Last week".

Mosrakina, "What the fuck! I've never seen an uncut cock. Please arrange ..." 

Cutting her off midway, Belly said "I am afraid I can't".

Then comes Mosrakina aunty's angry reply,"Then I'll tell him how much fun you have bathing him nude".

Belly, "Please don't shout, he may hear us. Let me think".

Mosrakina,"You better think good and positive".

Belly, "I have no problem showing his cock and balls to you but I don't think he'll agree".

Mosrakina, "That's your problem. You have to figure a way out".

Then I hear her footsteps fading away from the room. I am not sure what to do. I don't think I can show my cock to Mosrakina. But if I don't, Belly will be embarrassed. Mosrakina will play with Belly's emotions. It'll be very painful to Belly to tell me how she likes to see me in the nude. I make up my mind that I have to do it. If I leave the bathroom door open and pee showing my cock to Mosrakina then she will not push Belly aunty to tell me. I love Belly very much and I don't want to see her hurt if I can prevent it. I can see Mosrakina near the bathroom. I enter the bathroom, but now there's a problem if I leave the door open the neighbor aunty can see me as she is now chatting with Mosrakina. No, now I can't do it. Coming out of the bathroom I again enter TV room. While entering the TV room I see Belly is in the next room but she doesn't say anything. She seems to be planning.

I sit silently in the TV room. After sometime Mosrakina enters the house and goes to Belly. She says, "Belly I have a plan. You give him a nude bath, right?"

"Not every day," comes Belly's reply.

"Give him a nude bath today," says Mosrakina aunty sternly.

Belly aunty says, "How will you see him?"

Mosrakina aunty says, "Just leave the door open. I'll go up to the roof from where the bathroom can be seen. You know the outside bathroom hasn't a roof".

I can't hear what Belly aunty says next but the giggling of Mosrakina says it all. She says, "Belly, it's around 1o'clock. Go give him a bath," laughing loudly.

Belly then comes to my room, says to me, "Come with me, it is time to take your bath".

I know what is going to happen to me but I don't let her know. I just happily come with her. She heads to the outside bathroom and I follow her. I can hear Mosrakina going up to the roof. I love it that both of them don't know l know their plan. After I enter the bathroom aunty tells me to remove my clothes and goes to shut the door, but she leaves it noticeably ajar. Usually, in our house she completely closes the door and never tells me to remove my clothes, it's me who does it without saying, as it's a daily routine. I can understand that she is under some stress. I quickly remove my clothes as if nothing irregular was occurring.

She puts some shampoo on my head. Then her mobile begins to ring. She goes out of the bathroom this time shutting the bathroom door completely. I look at the bathroom roof and find Mosrakina leaving hurriedly. After some time she comes back. I can see her Bluetooth headphones on her ears. I stretch my neck up and out of the corner of my eyes I see Mosrakina standing there. I look down as if I don't see her or notice anything. This time after entering the bathroom Belly shuts the door and begins to come to me, but halts midway and goes to the door and begins to open it. I think she will go out again, but she just begins to slowly push the door, when the door is more than half open she comes back to me.

I understand that Mosrakina is instructing her over the Bluetooth but I remain normal. She then begins to bathe me. After cleaning my head she moves me closer to the open door saying, "I'm getting wet here". But I know she's told to do that for a better view for Mosrakina and the position she takes me will not do any good as far as her getting wet is concerned. But I don't say anything, smiling inside myself. Then she begins to bathe my back. After finishing my back she comes to my right and begins to wash my front. But suddenly she goes to my left and begins to wash me. I know that Belly initially made a wrong move as the bathroom I'm bathing in now is on the left side of the house.

Again, I remain as I normally would. She washes my chest and legs quickly, and then moves to my cock. She puts some more shampoo on her hands and begins to wash me. It's obvious that she's not giving me my regular bath. Normally she washes my cock taking more than the time it requires and never makes me hard. But here she's taking even more than that time.

After rubbing the shampoo on my cock for about 10 minutes she suddenly begins to openly jerk me. She pulls my foreskin fully back and massages my cock head with her other hand. I realize that getting me hard is on their card. Quickly I have become fully erect. My cock Is now 9 inches long, and nearly as big around as her wrist. I think she'll leave my cock now as takes her hands off my cock and takes a water jug and washes me. But putting the jug aside she again takes my cock and begins to jerk me with more speed saying, " it should be more clear".

I realized Mosrakina told her to do that over the telephone as there can't be any good reason to do that even after washing me but don't say anything. It has become more showing off than bathing me. But I let her do that because I don't want to hurt her. After jerking me about 10 minutes more, I am just short of my climax. Sensing it she suddenly let's go of my cock and she reaches behind me and takes me by the shoulder and bends me forward.

This move of Belly makes a better view for Mosrakina as my cock begins to jerk of its own pointing skyward. Mosrakina gets an amazing view of my hard dancing cock. I even hear her giggle but don't look upwards. I enjoy letting her enjoy it, besides I don't want Belly to get in any trouble. After about a minute or two, my cock becomes steady parallel to the bathroom floor.

Then Belly does the most unexpected thing. From behind me, she holds my waist and begins to shake me. Here I am, standing nude in front of a nearly fully open bathroom door with my rock hard cock as I've been denied orgasm about a minute ago and Belly shaking me from the back while Mosrakina watching me from roof top. Then she takes her hands away from me and takes the towel and begins drying me. This is another new thing to me as normally I dry and dress myself at home. But I don't say anything. She takes her time drying me and literally shakes me in the name of drying. I understand that Mosrakina loves seeing my dancing cock and tells Belly to make it shake, bob around and dance.

After finishing drying me she takes hold of my cock again from behind, and pulls the foreskin over the cock head and release me. I think now I'm done but I was wrong. She again takes my cock and pulls the foreskin all the way back and says, "You should keep it like that from now on". 

Then she points my cock head to the floor, as I attempt to imagine what she is going to do, she suddenly lets go of my cock. My cock springs very quickly back and slaps my belly. She repeated doing that and quit only when the clear cum oozing from the tip of my cock began to be thrown in a circular arc when flying back upward. She then squeezed my shaft tightly and slid her fist up my cock until she had squeezed the pre cum from inside my cock out overflowing the slit and crown, where she quickly scooped it all away and quickly licked her fist clean. 

Then handing me a clean set of clothes she tells me to put them on.

She leaves the bathroom allowing the door to stand completely open. I think, what is the difference? Mosrakina has not only seen my erect cock but even seen it dancing and oozing pre cum. So, still facing the open door, still as erect as I have ever been, I put on my clothes and leave the bathroom. While entering the house I meet Mosrakina stepping down from the roof. She asks me smiling, "Have you taken your bath"?

I simply reply, "Yes, aunty" and return her smile.

She says then, "Go watch something on TV while Belly and I take our bath.Then we'll have our lunch together".

I say, "Ok, aunty". She leaves for the inside bathroom, smiling, where Belly aunty is already there, I believe. I begin to watch TV smiling inside. 

To be continued...

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