Vacation with My Aunty Ch. 02

After her bath Belly comes to me. Sitting before me she tells me," You look fresh. After that journey, you needed that longer bath." 

I only smile.

"Good boy," she says, smiling ear-to-ear. "Come to dining, Mosrakina is waiting for us."

I quietly follow her. Seeing me, Mosrakina gives me a huge smile and tells me, "Have your lunch then we'll visit". 

Belly, "No need to talk. We'll watch TV."

Mosrakina, "You're sure?"

Belly nods yes. I'm not sure what they are talking about but pretty sure that it involves me. I realize that they need to talk privately so I then quickly finish my lunch and leave the dining room, but I stay nearby. Yes, I was right. From what I can hear I'm sure they are talking about me.

Mosrakina, "What's the plan?" 

Belly, "Plan? Oh, Thank God he could not understand our plan and the game we played with him in the bathroom."

Mosrakina, "That's good. He is so cute, innocent, and his cock is big". 

Belly,"You are very nasty". 

Mosrakina," You played with his big cock. I'm just saying it is big. So why are you accusing me?" 

Belly," I did just what you wanted me..." 

Cutting her off mid-sentence Mosrakina retorts, "When I told you to jerk and stroke his cock that made it leak pre-cum?" 

Belly does not reply. I think she doesn't have a response. She loves to play with my cock but she played a little more than usual in the bathroom. But I don't mind. I actually enjoy her enjoying me or should I say enjoying my cock her way.

I hear Belly speak again, "So, you enjoy showing him off?"

This time Belly tries to defend, "It is not like that."

Then suddenly the phone begins to ring and Mosrakina picks it up. l can hear the conversation on her one side.

"Hi Askura. 

Oh.. You got to see? What?

Hahaha, it's really big... Yes, I know.

She is with me. I will talk to her. I will love that."

She hangs up and she tells Belly, "It was Askura from next door. She tells me that she saw you bathing him today, you know what I mean. Now she's asking to see his big cock up close". 

Belly then replies surprisingly, "What are you thinking about? How can you even think about allowing that?"

Mosrakina: "Do you admit it or not? You greatly enjoy handling and showing his cock."

Stopping her, Belly replies, "You know, you are the first person I showed his cock. Now you're asking me to allow someone else?"

Mosrakina says, "It's not a big deal. They both know each other. Besides he is so innocent he would not understand anything." 

Belly says, "I don't think there is any possibility of doing that without telling him."

The phone starts to ring again and Mosrakina picks it up immediately. After answering she listens to the other side and before hanging up she says in a serious tone, "Please don't do that. We'll do what you want at any cost." 

After ending the phone call she tells Belly, "We're in a lot of trouble. Askura says if we don't show her his cock, she's going to tell his parents what we've done to him at his bath time." 

I then hear Belly say, "Oh My God! What did Askura say...Oh no...But how can that be possible? I don't know, oh God." 

I can understand her nervousness. If Askura tells that to my parents both Belly and Mosrakina will be in serious trouble. I don't want them, especially Belly, to have any trouble. But I can't think of a way.

Then I hear Mosrakina say to Belly, "We have no other choice". 

Belly aunty just manages to say, " I know. But how?" 

Mosrakina replies happily, "Let's think. It will be fun l believe. Askura has never seen an uncut cock. She will be thrilled after she sees it".

Belly angrily says, "Stop those nasty thoughts. Find a way out."

After sometime Mosrakina says, "Yes. I have a plan that I think will work". 

Belly asks her about her plan and I'm curious. But at the same time, I also realized that Mosrakina was interested showing my penis to her neighbor. Upon hearing what Mosrakina said to Belly I understand that Mosrakina will cut the zipper of my trousers, then Belly will tell me to wear them. After that Mosrakina will take me to Askura's house. 

I then quickly leave my listening place to watch some TV. I don't know how good the plan is or how it'll work. l understand that I have to look innocent. I don't want to hurt Belly. I realize from the bathroom incident that Belly really enjoys playing with my cock. More importantly, she enjoys showing it to others. I have no problem with that. I like the way she likes to have fun with my cock. After sometime Belly comes to my room with clean trousers and a T-shirt. 

Sitting beside me she tells me,"You know Askura from next door? She has invited you to tea this afternoon. Let me help you get dressed".

I just say, "That's very loving of her and stand up to let Belly dress me. Belly simply pulls my trouser in one swift motion to the floor. Again this is a new thing to me. I regularly dress myself at home. But I simply act normal as if it's a regular thing.

So I'm naked before Belly in the drawing room with the door fully open. I realize that Belly is dressing me to show off my cock. So she needs to adjust me along the zipper and the door is open for Mosrakina to see. 

And, I'm right.

I hear footsteps stop just beside the open door. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Mosrakina's peeping face. But I remain as I normally would as if I don't see anything.

But what Belly does next takes me by surprise, saying, "It looks very nice and clean." She takes hold of my cock and begins to feel it. It's totally unnecessary for getting dressed. But I let her do that. I already know how much she loves playing with my cock.

After some time feeling my cock, she begins to jerk me. I have been jerked by her in the bathroom plenty of times and didn't get a release. Here Is also the same scenario, Belly is jerking me and Mosrakina is watching from outside. My cock becomes hard in no time. Belly then begins to rub my cock head with her palm. She stops just when I start to leak pre-cum. Then she pulls the foreskin halfway over my cock head and leaves the rest of it uncovered when she finally lets it go. Bobbing up and down my cock stops parallel to the floor. Seeing this a smile crosses her lips.

She then puts the trousers on me and places her finger alongside my hard cock and adjusts my cock just under the zipper opening while with her other hand she pretends to zip up. As she knows the chain has been cut off and I'm unzipped; and more importantly she wants me that way. Then telling me to put the t-shirt on, she calls Mosrakina.

Mosrakina enters the room immediately wearing a knowing smile and tells me, "It's looking like you're ready."

Belly replies for me with a laugh, " Yes, very much." She then tells me to go with Mosrakina as her special TV program is about to begin.

Now, here's the situation.

With a full nine inch hard cock under my open zipper I'm going to visit a neighboring house. Their plan is to get the neighbor aunty to see my cock. I know she wants to see my cock. It is also clear that Belly likes to show my cock as she makes me hard and keeps half of my cockhead uncovered with foreskin. I'm covered right now but when I sit down my cock will be visible.

I just say, "Ok, aunty," and follow Mosrakina outside the house to the next door neighbor. 

It takes only a minute to reach Askura's house. She lives with her husband and has no children. She's about 39 years of age and quite good looking. Her husband goes out in the morning and returns after sunset as he works in the fields.

Entering her house Mosrakina calls Askura. She comes out of the house and takes us into her drawing room. Then she tells us, "Have a seat. I will bring the tea over here and we can talk."

Mosrakina and I sit on a couch beside each other. Askura comes in with tea and snacks. She sits on a sofa across from us. We begin to chat with our tea. I can see Askura keeps looking towards my lap and looks at Mosrakina with questions in her eyes.

I realize Askura also knows their plan. I look at my lap while taking a few snacks and understand why Askura has a questioning look. I am not sitting relaxed and my knees are slightly up so the zipper of my trousers is not open enough for my cock to be seen. 

They say something to each other with their eyes. It seems to me they have to sort out the problem. Askura then tells me, "You look nervous. Relax. Make yourself at home." 

Mosrakina then says, "That's right. You look uptight." She begins to push my knees wider, much wider than we normally sit on a sofa and then she pushes on my chest until my back touches the sofa backrest. Now I see a naughty smile on Askura's face. I know that my hard cock is visible to her. But I act normal and carry on chat with her. Her eyes are looking at my lap every now and then. l also take a glance when her eyes are on my lap to find that the full length of my hard cock is visible to her through the zipper opening. The smile on her face tells me that she is enjoying the sight before her. 

She then indicates something to Mosrakina who now puts her hand on my thigh and pulls on the fabric of my trousers which makes its zipper opening even larger. I can feel fresh air on my cock and then she tells me, "I have to go home. You stay here and visit with Askura. I will be back shortly." 

I realize that their plan is to get me alone with Askura, so I just say, "Ok, aunty," then she leaves.

We keep our chitchat going. With time Askura's stare becomes more obvious. But I look indifferent. Suddenly she says, "You don't like me? You didn't invite me to your circumcision ceremony. I was hoping for an invitation." Then she again looks at my lap. 

These words make me blush. I can't even look at her now let alone giving her a reply. All of a sudden she laughs out loud and moves over to me sit quite close beside me. Placing her hand on my lap she tells me, "I can see your circumcision is still not done. So I don't have any hard feelings. Can I still get an invitation?"

I can't say a word for my shyness. I act surprised and try to cover myself. But she takes my hands away from my lap saying, "I have seen that marvelous cock before when I used to visit your house with Mosrakina." She pauses for a moment and openly stares at my cock. Then she adds again, "Besides your circumcision is not done yet. You still have to do it one day. So you don't need to be shy." Suddenly she pulls my cock out of my trousers with her hand. 

Askura holds my cock at the base and looks it very closely. She seems to be memorizing how it looks. She slowly begins to jerk me. She says to me, keeping her eyes on my cock. "It was small when I saw it in those days. Now it has become very big and beautiful."

I realize that while saying this she actually does not mention that she had seen me earlier today when Belly bathed me and made me feel that the incident now I'm in is pre-planned. 

She now stops jerking me and says, "Let me have a good look at your beautiful penis." She pulls my trousers down to my ankles. She then takes off my t-shirt. I'm now standing naked directly in front of her. My cock is now nine inches long, fully hard, and standing parallel with the floor. My balls are hanging very far down and appear swollen inside my scrotum. She keeps staring at my cock for a few seconds time.

She then holds my cock and plays some with my foreskin, sometimes making it cover my cock's head then pulling it more. She pinches it lightly, pulling back half-way over my cock's head and finally pulling it all the way back she tells me looking at my eyes, "You have a very beautiful penis." 

I manage to say, "Thank you, aunty."

She replies in a girlish tone, "You are welcome." She again immediately begins to jerk me slowly. After jerking me slowly for about 15 minutes she speeds up and does it for about 3 minutes. I approach an orgasm so she again slows down. 

She keeps jerking me at a very slow pace and just as I am just one stroke away from an orgasm, she quickly lets go of my cock. My cock begins to dance and she watches my dancing cock stepping three or four steps back and giggles heartily. 

My cock dances for a minute or two then stops parallel to the floor again. The whole time Askura watched my cock. Anyone who had looked at her eyes could tell how much she enjoyed seeing my hard dancing cock. 

She then took my cock and pointed it at the floor and held it there. I knew what she was going to do, as Belly did this many times while bathing me a couple of hours ago. 

She suddenly let go. My cock sprang back rapidly then again danced around. She watched my hard dancing cock and giggled. She kept doing that and kept enjoying seeing my cock dancing about. I begin to leak pre-cum but she kept doing that and stopped only when I'm on the verge of coming.

I think that now she'll stop playing with my cock. But she proves me wrong. She doesn't ever take her eyes off my cock. After about five minutes she holds my cock again and begins to jerk me again. She takes me to the edge of coming and then lets go of my cock and enjoys watching it dancing. After my cock stops dancing she takes my cock and points it to the floor and let's go to enjoy its dance. She keeps doing that and stops only when she stopped the last time, just as I'm about to come. Then again after a few minutes, she again begins to jerk me.

Now I clearly understand her game and realize how much she enjoys doing it, or should I say playing? I let her play her game because I know how much she enjoys it. She will feel thankful to Belly, who will then be out of any danger of being in trouble.

Askura plays her game with my cock all afternoon and stops only when her husband phoned her and told her that he is sending their field worker to pick something up from the storeroom. By the time the call ends she takes me to another verge of coming by pointing my cock to the floor and letting go.

She watches my cock dancing about. My cock is now as hard as iron and leaking pre-cum continuously. She then pulls my cock to my left as far as it can go and lets it go. My cock springs back and dances left to right. It seems it's saying NO. 

She does it a couple of times and enjoyed watching my cock dance and tells me, "If you come here tomorrow at the same time you came here today, I will think that you want to invite me to attend your circumcision ceremony. As I told you, I'd love to be there. Will you come tomorrow?" Then again she holds my cock and points it to the floor and lets it go. Like before, my cock springs back quickly and begins dancing up and down. Seeing my dancing cock this time she says laughingly, "Your penis says yes. What is your answer?"

I don't want to get Belly in any trouble, so I have to agree. I reply, "Aunty, my answer is yes and I also would like it if you would come to my circumcision ceremony."

Askura said, "Thank you. Now put on your clothes."

After putting on my clothes, I left her house with my hard dripping cock inside my trousers quite visibly stretching the cloth into a tent in front of me as I walked back to Belly's.

My cock had caused a wet spot of pre-cum on the front of my trousers that was very obvious.

I had an invitation for tomorrow for a very attractive woman to play with my hard, wet, cock. I am living right. 

To be continued..."


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