Vacation with My Aunty Ch. 03

I head back to the house with a dripping cock inside my trousers. Aunty Askura has teased my penis for almost three hours. Earlier Aunty Belly played with my cock while bathing me. Then later Belly played with my hard cock again when she dressed me for a visit to see Askura. I wonder if they all planned the visit so that I wouldn't cum. I don't know why they didn't let me cum. Maybe it's too much for them? Or just that they like to tease. From what Askura has just done with my cock, I'm quite sure that she also loves the teasing. She played with my cock for three hours without my having an orgasm, so, it's actually very obvious about her.

But I'm not sure about Belly. Maybe she doesn't want to push her playing with it that far. But does she know about Askura? Belly sent me to Askura because she knew she didn't have any options. Anyway, I love her and what she does to me is fine with me, though I have an aching cock and my head is spinning from all those hands on my cock for so long.

Upon entering the house I see Surya gossiping with a lady whom I had not seen before. The lady is seated facing the front door and Surya is opposite her. As I enter the house she sees me and immediately her eyes fall to look directly and boldly at my crotch. A smile decorates her face. She then says something to Surya in a very low voice. By the time I reach where they are sitting Surya looks directly at my crotch, then asks me finally looking up at my eyes, "Where have you been all afternoon?" she asks and then looks up into my eyes, smiling seductively.

"Askura's," I simply reply, as I don't want to keep this conversation going.

She then smiles and says,"Good boy. You are very social. Now go to your room ...um... Mosrakina is waiting for you there."

I don't understand. She told me she would pick up me from Askura's house and now she is here at Surya's waiting for me. I don't say anything to Surya and go to my room. I can overhear the lady say to Surya,"Did you see the bulge and wet spot on his trousers? He must have a big cock and it is rock hard now." 

Surya replied, "I think so and he is uncut, also."

Then comes the lady's response, "Oh, really? This is a thing I would love to see. I have never seen a 9-inch uncut cock."

Surya assures her, "That can be arranged."

Overhearing this conversation I presume that Surya has come to know what is happening with me and she wants to take part. Anyway, I am going to meet Mosrakina now. I enter my room. Both Mosrakina and Belly are there.

Not being asked any questions, Mosrakina she tells me, "There was an interesting episode on TV this afternoon and we both didn't want to miss it. We were planning to go, but now that you are here Belly will not go. Askura has called me to go to her place. See you later." Without giving me a chance to reply she leaves.

Mosrakina wants an interesting thing or a discussion with Askura, I suppose. I hope it is good because I have to go again tomorrow to her place to get teased. Now I look at Belly only to catch her staring at my crotch with a pleasant smile on her face. Does she know how much Askura teased my cock? I am not sure, but I want the happy smile to stay on her face and do not want her to find out I caught her yet again staring at my crotch. So standing there I just keep my eyes on the TV and let her enjoy. After some time she asks me, "Why are you standing there?" I go to her smiling and sit down very close beside her on the couch.

Just then Surya comes to the door and tells Belly, "Come out here for a minute, I want to talk to you."

Belly goes over to her. They move a little further from the door. I mute the TV as I am very curious and I want to overhear what they are saying. 

I overhear Surya say to Belly, "You know my friend and neighbor Keya. She has come to me today and now is in our front yard."

Belly replies, "Yes, I know about her coming today. I already met her this afternoon." 

Surya then says, "That's fine. What you do not know is that she loves to see young cocks and so do I. Neither of us has ever seen an uncut cock. So, you know what I want. Right?"

Belly sounds like she is shocked and replies, "What are you asking? Have you gone mad?"

Surya says angrily, "Do not try to be silly. Mosrakina has told me everything. I know why he was in Askura's house all afternoon."

Belly does not reply. It's looking like she has been trapped again. I am also in the trap with her. I know she enjoys showing my cock so it is most likely she will allow them to look at my cock which has been hard from very early this past afternoon till now, four or five hours later.

I guessed right. Belly then replies with a smile, "I have no problem with it. But..."

Cutting her off mid-sentence Surya says, "No buts. Make sure it is a good show. She is my best friend and I want to give her this treat. Besides, you have all the fun and a little more will do no harm." She leaves saying, "We will be there in five minutes."

My rock hard cock needs some rest. It seems it is not going to have any. I do not want Belly in any trap. If showing my cock to Surya and her friend takes Belly out of the trap and makes her feel happy I should do it, I say to myself.

Surya enters the room and It seems like she is in some deep thought. I do not say anything. I am sure Belly is making a plan to show my cock to them while keeping me in the dark about the actual situation. So I just sit there and let her think. Suddenly a light appears on her face and she looks happy and so I am.

I then ask her, "What happened Aunty?"

She replies, "Nothing... I am just thinking ...ok... have you seen a lady sitting with Surya?"

I say, "Yes Aunty. I have not seen her before."

Belly replies, "She is Keya. Her daughter works in a hospital. So I am just thinking as she is already here we should have you checked by her because I have a plan to get your circumcision done this vacation to surprise your parents."

There cannot be any reason for Keya to check me over because her daughter works in a hospital. I know that Belly is under some additional stress but I do not want to let her know that I know her situation. I know she also loves showing my cock to others. It is her little fun and I am more than happy to help with her this harmless fun. So I innocently say, "Really? That will be great. You know what is best for me."

"That is a good boy," saying this she begins to go to get Surya and Keya and finds both of them at the door.

She then says to Keya, "It is good you are here. I was going to ask something of you."

Keya replies, "What's the matter Belly?"

Belly says, "I will tell you. But please come and have a seat."

Hearing the cheerful voice of Belly they both realize that it is all cleared for them. They both come into the room with big smiles on their faces and sit on a couch across from me. 

Sitting very closely beside me Belly says to Keya, "My nephew has come here with me on his vacation. I have a plan to get his circumcision done while we are staying here. So I am thinking I can ask you to do the checkup before the circumcision. If it is okay with you I will be glad to have you check him over."

Keya replies, "I would love ...um... You know Surya and me are good friends. So I think I would be happy to do it."

Belly then says, "That is very nice of you." 

She then has me stand before her facing Surya and Keya. She takes my T-shirt off. Seeing the bulge of my cock straining against my thin, lightweight cotton trousers, a lusty beautiful smile appears on both of their faces. Belly then began to pull my trousers down slowly revealing my nine inches of hard cock, inch-by-inch. Both of Surya's and Keya's smiles become wider and they actively lick their lips and squirm where they are sitting. 

I realize that Belly is making a good show for them as she was told she should provide one. When the waistband of my trouser reaches my cock head, Belly stops. Then suddenly she pulls my trouser in one swift motion down to my ankles. My hard cock hits my belly and begins to dance, that makes Surya and Keya laugh.

Both of them stare at my dancing cock. Keya's mouth drops wide open. When my cock stops dancing Belly pushes me forward and makes me stand between Surya and Keya.This push from Belly causes my cock to again bob around for the viewing pleasure of both of them.

Then Belly says to Keya, "Please do the checkup," literally offering my cock to her. I know she is also enjoying handing it to Keya.

Keya does not need an invitation. She takes my cock from Belly's hands and holds it in the middle and begins to roll it backward exposing my cock head. She holds it so that she can look it over closely. I see Surya is also looking with great interest. Keya then begins to jerk me very slowly. Belly now comes up beside me and sees what Keya is doing to my cock. 

After jerking me at a very slow pace she tells Surya, "I need your help."

Surya replies, "Just tell me what you want me to do. I am happy to help you."

Keya laughs and says to Surya, "For now you have to do what I am doing. I have to massage his balls ...um... testicles."

Belly then tells her with a smile, "Do whatever you like. Just make sure to give him a thorough check-up."

"Surely I, or rather, we will," Keya replies giving Surya a knowing smile. Then she tells Surya, "Let's start. It will take some time."

Belly immediately says to Keya, "Don't worry. Take your time."

It is clear that both Surya and Keya are handling and playing with the first uncut penis they have ever seen and also that Belly knows that. So by telling them, "Take your time," she actually tells them, 'you do not have to worry about his hard cock. Keep playing, time does not matter.' So I can see that there is a clear coalition of agreement among all these ladies and all of this teasing. 

And Surya begins to do just that. She begins to jerk me even more slowly and Keya begins to massage my balls. I realize that Belly is happy with all of this fondling of my balls and the stroking and massaging my cock and balls and now she is watching with so much interest that she is learning.

Both Surya and Keya keep handling me. Soon my cock begins to leak pre-cum. All the teasing from the afternoon does not help me either. But I am happy as long as Belly is happy. So I let them play while standing there, seeming innocent.

Surya now slows down even more and Keya begins to massage my loosely hanging balls and iron hard cock head using both of her hands. They keeps doing that and I begin to reach an orgasm. Their massages slow down but never stop. They keep do it as long as twenty minutes. I feel my orgasm building the whole time. 

Just as I am short of my climax, Belly suddenly asks Keya, "What do you think?"

They both stop massaging and look at Belly. It takes a few seconds for them to understand what Belly is saying. Then Keya replies, "It looks good so far. I have to check more though."

Belly says, "That's fine. Do it."

Keya then takes her hands away from my cock and balls. Seeing this Surya reluctantly lets go of my cock. My cock begins to dance around. They both enjoy the x-rated puppet dance. Seeing their enjoyment Belly starts me moving around, holding my waist. That makes my cock dance even more. They enjoy seeing my cock dancing about for quite some time. Then a naughty smile appears on Keya's face.

She tells Belly, "A circumcision patient his age needs very good physical fitness. I have to check it now."

Belly replies, "Do whatever you like."

Keya then asks me, "Can you do some spot jumping?"

Hearing this from her they all laugh. It is clear what she wants to see. She has teased my cock for twenty minutes without letting me cum. My cock is standing rigid and parallel to the floor and leaking pre-cum continuously. Now she is asking me to do spot jumping. She has seen my cock bounce around and dance, now she wants to see it jump. I look at Belly only to see her smiling.

Noting my delay in answering her question Belly answers for me smiling, "Yes, he can do spot jumping. He is very fit."

Keya then tells me, "Begin spot jumping and stop when I tell you."

Knowing very well what they all want to see, I put my erection forward and turn sideways and begin jumping. As soon as I start jumping they all begin to laugh. Their eyes move up and down following my jumping cock. They enjoy the show for five minutes and then Keya tells me to stop. I see that they are still laughing.

Keya then tells me, "Very good. Now it is time for spot running."

Hearing this from Keya, Surya and Belly laugh more. I know they are having a good time and Belly also wants me to do what Keya says. So I begin spot running. My cock begins to bob around and dance and that is what they want to see. They see it for another five minutes and then Keya tells me to stop. Just as I begin to think they have seen enough of my cock-dancing, Keya has another question.

She asks me, "Now, how many jumping jacks you can do?"

I realize that she is enjoying making my cock bob around and dance. So I reply, "I can't say. But I can do some."

She then says, "Do jumping jacks now. I want to see how many you can do."

So I begin to do jumping jacks and they all begin to count. But they begin to count not my jumping, instead, they all count my cock's jumping. I keep doing jumping jacks and let them enjoy. After about ten minutes I finally stop, breathing heavily.

Belly then asks Keya, "What do you think about his fitness?"

I think I have done a great job when Keya replies, "So far so good. But I have to check something more."

Belly replies, "Okay. Do it then."

I realize again how much she loves showing my cock. Keya has teased my cock and made my cock bob around and dance now for nearly an hour. Now Belly is allowing her more time.

Keya then takes my balls and begins to massage them. After some time massaging my balls she holds my cock and very slowly and lightly begins to jerk me. She keeps doing that never slowing down or stopping. Both Surya and Belly watch it with amazement. Belly seems to be learning it. Again I feel my orgasm building. This time it takes about forty minutes to stroke me to the brink of an orgasm. 

Like before she lets go of my cock exactly as I reach there and this time she begins to massage my balls. After massaging my balls for about five minutes she again holds my cock and begins to jerk me even more slowly and lightly. This time I take thirty minutes to reach just short of a climax. She again releases my cock. My cock begins dancing on its own. She stares at it with a big smile on her face. 

When my cock stops dancing she tells Belly, "Now I have to check the fitness of his cock."

Belly replies, "Okay. Let's see. But no need to hurry. You can take as much time as you need".

Keya says, "Okay".

I realize that Belly just invited her to tease me more. And she starts that immediately. She again begins to jerk me slowly. For the next hour, Keya takes me to the edge four more times. The whole time Belly watches with great interest. 

Finally, Keya says, "Now I am going to check the strength of his cock."

She rolls my tight foreskin all the way back and points the cock head to the floor and lets it go. My cock springs back quickly and hits my belly and begins dancing. After my cock stops dancing, she holds my cock head again and points it to the floor and lets go. My cock does the same thing; hits my belly and begins to dance. She keeps doing that and stops after thirty minutes. She then says, "It looks very good but I want to check one more thing".

Belly again encourages her saying, "Very good. Do what you want and be sure to take your time."

I now realize Belly is greatly enjoying the teasing and also learning it.

Keya smiles looking at Belly. She then holds my cock and begins to jerk me very fast. I think, now she will let me cum. Surya and Belly are now watching with more interest. 

Just I reach the edge, Belly asks Keya, "What are you doing?"

Keya lets go my cock, sees it dance as she denies my orgasm again and replies to Belly with a naughty smile, "Do not worry ...um... about my speed. I am just testing the fitness of his cock and this will also increase his fitness."

Belly then says smiling, "Okay. Then please do it as much as you can."

So Belly invites Keya to tease my cock again, and this time she asks her to do it much longer.

Keya smiles and says, "I am happy to help you." Again she begins to jerk me at a very fast pace. I reach the edge in five minutes. Again, she lets go of my cock. After my cock stops dancing, she starts over again. She keeps doing that for the next hour and stops finally saying, "I have to go now. I am not sure about his fitness. I shall send my daughter tomorrow morning. She can do it better."

She then stands up from the couch and looking at Belly tells her, "I will tell her about today's checkup. She will definitely come."

Belly says, "Thank you," with a smile.

Saying, "You are welcome," she leaves the room with Surya.

Belly then looks at my eyes and says smiling, "You are a good boy".

I just say, "Thank you, Aunty," returning her smile.

Then she begins to dress me. As soon as she finishes dressing me Surya comes into the room with Mosrakina both are smiling.

Mosrakina then tells us that it is time to have dinner. We all follow her to the dining room. Surya, Mosrakina, and Belly begin to gossip about the TV episode they saw this afternoon. I finish my dinner saying much. After finishing my dinner l tell them all good night and leave the dining room.

I hit my bed straightaway. I try to sleep but fail. My cock is still as hard as iron. After trying for half an hour to get to sleep, I finally decided to finish myself in the bathroom. 

Just then Belly comes to my room. Sitting beside me on my bed she asks me, "Are you asleep?"

I just say, "No Aunty."

She then asks, "How was your day?"

I answer, "Very good, Aunty."

She then tells me, "Keya's daughter will come tomorrow morning to check your fitness. I want you to pass her fitness test. So I am here to increase your fitness."

I just say, "Thank you, Aunty."

"Good boy." Saying this she takes off my trousers and begins to jerk me very slowly.

I remember that she played with my cock in the bathroom. After that, she also arranged for others to play with it. Now she wants my cock, all to play with, all by herself.

She begins like Keya. I realize that she is now going to apply what she has learned from Keya. She enjoys my cock and seems to be very happy playing with my cock again. So I enjoy Belly doing it and do not let her know how much I need to cum. I understand fitness checking and after this afternoon, I know she was intent on learning. Among all the ladies that played with my cock today, she loves to tease it the most. She loves to tease my cock and she also loves to see others tease me. I feel happy to make her happy. So I lay on my bed silently.

She continues to jerk me at a very slow pace. It takes her about fifteen minutes to stroke me to the edge when she stops immediately. Then she begins to massage my balls. After some time she again begins to jerk me. For the next two hours, she keeps doing that. She brings me to the edge and stops. At the end of the second hour, she massages my balls for fifteen minutes. Then she begins to jerk me at a much faster speed. This time she takes only five minutes to take me to the edge of an orgasm. Then she stops jerking me and massages my balls for a minute. Then she begins to jerk me at a very high speed. She keeps doing that for the next three hours saying, "It will help you to increase your fitness." With the accumulated stroking time I take shorter periods to reach the edge. By the end of three hours, I take only thirty-seconds to reach the edge.

My cock is now very hard and sore. It is leaking pre-cum continuously for the last two hours or so. Besides these facts, I am happy to let her enjoy my cock.

Finally, she tells me, "I think you will pass the test tomorrow."

I reply, "Thank you for your help."

She then says, "Your penis needs to be very clean for your circumcision. So never ever touch your penis."

I say, " Okay aunty."

Bidding good night she leaves my room. 

I then realize she does not want me to cum yet so she tells me not to touch my penis.

And I am happy to comply.

To be continued...


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