My Job as a Model Patient Pt. 05

"Professor Apple?" I marched into his lab, determined to get myself out of this fucking hell. He looked surprised as I walked in. "Professor, I need to talk to you."

"What's up, Aaron?"

"I can't do this anymore. At least not with that female volunteer. I, uh, I, I think I know who she is and it isn't right." Yeah, old pervy dude, stop making me fuck my mom.

"Goodness, Aaron! I'm so sorry! I had no idea!"

"Yeah, I mean, I don't mind volunteering as a model patient. Being examined in class is OK. But if you want me to do anymore of those, um, copulation coitus experiments, I'd prefer to do it with someone else."

"Hmmm, well here's the problem, Aaron. We guarantee anonymity for our volunteers. That's why you both wear surgical masks. And that's why we don't use names. You think you recognize her?"


"That's a shame. She actually enjoys working with you. She's told me that she likes your firm young body very much."

"Oh gawd!"

"What a reaction! I'm sorry, Aaron. Here's my concern. If I change partners on her, she will think you're discriminating against her because of her age."

"Can't I have a different..."

The professor was shaking his head, "You only suspect that it's someone you know. Maybe it's not. You have to keep thinking about that possibility. Maybe it's not who you think."

"Professor, if I give you the first initial, can you tell me if it's the same name?"

"Oh, Aaron, this is highly unethical. But if it will give you peace of mind, fine, let's do that." The professor gave me a scrap of paper. He scribbled on his own piece of paper.

I wrote down "W" for my mom's name, Winnie. I showed it to the professor who beamed with delighted and showed me his paper, "R."

"Good news, Aaron, it's not who you think it is."

Stunned, I walked home confused. I mean, all the talk at home sounded like my mom and my sister (and my dad!!) had gone into that lab and messed around with me. But maybe I was mistaken. That was a load off my mind - I wasn't fucking my mother. Relieved, I was now ready to make more money for my next lab session.

The next day, I arrived at the lab in a great mood. No more worries, no more guilt. I went into the change room, popped the viagra, stripped off and put on my mask and terry robe and walked into the lab.

Professor Apple introduced me to the new class - a fresh group of nine kids (6 girls, 3 guys) eager to for this lab. Word had gotten around campus that Professor Apple's class included actual live demonstrations of human coitus, intercourse, so it became quite popular.

"Class, this is our young man who will be identified as Young Man. He is an intact Caucasian male, age 18, uncircumcised. As you can see peeking between his robe, he is erect thanks to the assistance of a Viagra." (The class giggled) "Does anyone in the class know why we use Viagra? Anyone?"

"In case he can't get it up?" one girl says. Everyone laughs.

"We have no such problems with our 18 year old male, but yes, another reason? Anyone?" Silence. "It's because after ejaculation, regular penises go soft and change shape. But with our Young Man, remaining erect will help you see the male and female genitalia better. Both our subjects have micro-cameras attached to their genitals, and with the male, it is carefully wrapped around the shaft. The cameras work better when they have structure to push against. Now, let's bring in our female..."

At that, the woman entered. She was in good shape, and I looked at her with different eyes, realizing it wasn't my mom. Blonde, slightly saggy floppy boobs, I could see a bit of cellulite on her thighs. Like me, she had shaved pubes. But with her shapely butt, narrow waist and big boobs, she was definitely a MILF!

"Class, our young woman will be identified as Young Lady. She is a Caucasian female, age 42. She has already experienced multiple childbirth so her vaginal walls are looser than, say, a woman in her 20s. But what the class should find very exciting is that our subject is also beginning to take flibanserin - better known as the female viagra. Now, Young Lady, could you explain to the class why you've started to take flibanserin?"

The woman smiled and drew her robe around her, "I'm a working mother with a very active schedule. I noticed my sex drive has diminished in the past couple of years. My husband and I had intercourse maybe 6 months ago (gasps from the class), but yesterday, when I volunteered for the college, I was so stimulated by having sex with this Young Man, that I had sex with my husband twice last night! (the class applauds). I went to my doctor who told me that having the chemicals from a Young Man's cum..."

The Professor cut her off, "Let's stick to text book terms, please! She means that the dihydrotestosterone in our Young Man's semen dramatically revived her sex drive. So she was prescribed flibanserin to see if this will enhance the effect. What that means," the professor looked at me, "Is that you'll be in for a very active afternoon!"

The class applauded, some wooted and cheered. I could feel my hard dick pulse eagerly.

"So" the professor continued, "before we begin, I want to take some measurements with my new lab equipment." He pushed over a cart and held up a wand device - "This is an ultrasound probe! We're going to scan our woman's abdomen before we begin." he pointed to the examination table. The woman hopped up and parted her robe. The professor smeared gel on her abdomen, from below her belly button down to her pussy lips. Then he ran the ultrasound probe as we all watched the scan come up on the monitor.

"Now, young man, please stand between her legs and insert yourself." 

I eagerly stood between her upraised legs, parted my robe and pushed my hard dick in. She was velvety smooth and surprisingly snug. I thought she had been looser last time, so maybe this was the flibanserin working?

"Mmmmm," the woman moaned. "Feels so good to have you inside me."

The professor smiled, "Easy there, Young Lady! Let me take this scan before you two can really get started!" He ran the probe over her abdomen again, but this time, we could see the ultrasound image of my dick inside her.

"Whoa," someone in the class said.

The professor smiled that his class was so interested, "You can see the shape of the penis is designed for inner-clitorial arousal - Could you give us a couple strokes? - and vaginal arousal. Our thermometer also shows that the woman's vaginal walls have increased 5 degrees with the introduction of the penis. What does this mean? His penis is inflating the vagina and stretching the root of the clitoris that has a very close relationship with the vaginal wall."

The professor pointed at me to withdraw. The woman got off the table, and now it was my turn to hop up and lie on the examination table. I dropped my robe and smirked as the class giggled at the sight of my wagging big boner. I hopped up, lay back, and put my hands behind my head. 

"We will ask the Young Lady to do a unique female superior position today. Does anyone in the class know what the Amazon position is?"

One girl raised her hand, "Woman on top?


"Facing away from the male?"

"No, that's reverse cowgirl." The professor walked around the table, while my soon-to-be Amazon woman lab partner stared at my dick. "Amazon position is not the easiest of postures, but because our Young lady has yoga and pilates training, she can do this. And we will benefit by getting a very unique internal camera angle as she mounts our young male. And since he's fully engorged with Viagra, even at his very normal 6" length, he'll be able to stay in position for her, even after he ejaculates. Now the exciting thing is that the flibanserin will engorge the vaginal walls of our female subject. The drug will heighten the intensity of her neurotransmitters, heightening sensitivity to biological and electrochemical stimulation. In plain language, the young man's body heat, sweat and hormones will be very exciting to her. I think we're going to see a very deep reaction!

The woman hopped onto the table and pushed my legs up on her shoulder. Wow, this was different, I thought. But she scooted forward and pushed my legs further back so that my ankles were at her ears. She reached between us, her legs between mine, and grabbed a hold of my hard, curved dick. And with a bit of huffing and shuffling, she managed to aim my dick into her sopping wet pussy and impale herself.

"Ow," I protested a little, as my dick was bending down more than my erection curve would normally allow. She shifted my hairy legs on her shoulder to change the angle. "That's good." I whispered.

Suddenly, she started grinding up and down on me, grunting and huffing. I had to synchronize my breathing with her pounding as she was knocking the breath out of me. Down she went on my dick, then she'd grind in a circle, then she'd pull up half my length and plunged down again.

"Shit," some guy in class said, "She's fucking the shit out of him. It's like he's in the girl's position with his legs spread and up like that."

There was some oooohing and wowwing in the class as my lab partner eagerly mounted me, I looked up at her masked face and could see her eyes roll back, her lips parted, shuddering with pleasure whenever she was pushing all the way down to the base of my dick. Then, she reached up to grab my ankles so she could push my legs further back, my knees were almost to my shoulders. It was uncomfortable for me - but it was a position for the woman's pleasure obviously. I felt like she was going to town on my cock, using me as if I were her human vibrator. 

The professor was clearly affected by her passions. He walked around the table silent at first before remembering he was supposed to be doing the lab narration.

"Um, as we can see, in the Amazon position, the female has full control of the depth of penetration. She holds his legs up to control the angle of insertion. And her circular grinding motions means she is getting the most out of our young man's girth. Because our young man's erection is curved upward, she can control the angle so that he doesn't slip out."

The professor walked to the end of the table and with his gloved hands pulled at my balls. "Amazon position is primarily for female sexual pleasure. In this position, female superior, his ejaculate with drip out which does not promote insemination. That's not to say his sperm couldn't reach her eggs, but in this position, that's not the priority."

One guy raised his hand, "Is she hurting him?" At that second, I let out a groan.

"No" the professor pointed to my feet, "see his toes? Toe-curls are a good sign of intense pleasure." The woman growled and bit my big toe, I groaned again. The class murmured.

"Sooooo good," the woman moaned. "I love this teen boy's dick." Suddenly she began twerking, and I was impressed that a middle-aged white woman could do it that well. My dick felt like it was rubbed raw. With the angle bending, I wasn't anywhere near cumming, and as she got wetter and wetter, our bodies made a slurpy slapping mess.

"Young man, are you close to ejaculating?" The professor asked.

"No, no." I said between breaths.

"Young lady, how are you doing?"

"Mmmmm... good, I could fuck him all day. There's an angle that hits the right spot. Oh, oh, oh, this..." She shifted in her grinding. Her hungry pussy clasped me like she was wringing out a wet sponge. "My clit, my clit. Need to rub it." She shifted angles again so that my dick was rubbing her clit.

After 15 minutes of this, the professor gently tapped her shoulder, "Shall we try another position?"

"No, no, no, so good, so close," she growled.

"How about you?" the professor asked me.

"My dick is sore." I said. The class laughed

"Omigod, omigod. I'm cumming!" She reared up and pushed down hard on me. I could barely breathe and then I felt it. I felt her cumming. What the hell? I felt a hot spray over my balls, my thighs.

"That, class, is squirting. Our Young Lady is experiencing a deep vaginal orgasm."

She kept shuddering and moaning like a wolf. She rocked back and forth, holding my feet, her eyes tightly closed. I don't think I like Amazon position, I thought. I felt like I was losing a wrestling match.

After what seemed like an eternity, she pulled off my still hard glistening dick. She was still shuddering. The professor quickly wrapped her in her robe. "Are you OK, Young Lady?"

"Mmmm, yes, still cumming..." She kept shaking. She looked back at me where I was sitting up on the table. "So good."

"Yes," the professor agreed Our very good volunteers have demonstrated Amazon position. We have some incredible internal footage. And we've done one of the first college lab studies of the effects of flibanserin." He pointed at me, "And he still hasn't had an orgasm!"

I smiled as I toweled off. "Nice boner, dude," a girl in class said.

But then my lab partner walked over to me. "I can't leave you like this." She grabbed my still hard dick, lifted the lower part of her mask and swallowed half of me down her hot warm mouth. The sucking and suckling was almost as nuts as her grinding. She was hungrily eating me, as if my dick would give up a secret. She would stop, sniff the head of my dick through her mask, then yowled like a cat and drop back onto it. One hand stayed steady on my balls, the other gripped the base of my dick. 

"Mmmm, tastes so good," she said between gulps. "So big and veiny and hard." Back down she went. "You smell so good too."

I was enjoying this head, "Better than your husband's?" I asked her. Some people in the class laughed.

"Mmmm, yes." She was licking around the head. "His head is withered and dry." She playfully bit me mid-shaft. "Yours is so big and shiny." She growled and then aimed it back down her lips. Then she licked me up from my balls, up to my shaft and head. I swear she was going to eat me, I had never been sucked like this before.

The professor coughed delicately. "Clearly her neurotransmitters are stimulated by the young man's hormones. Think of wild animals who are affected by scent."

I gently started to lay back down on the examination table, my hands back behind my head. She took that as a signal, and she was soon on top of me, sniffing my armpits, kissing them, my neck, my nipples. She licked my abs and made her way down to my toes for a quick suck before moving her focus back to my junk.

"Do teenage boys like this?" she asked me as she lightly bit my dick head. 

I nodded my head.

"Since you gave me so much pleasure, what do you want? I can suck you dry? Or you can fuck me right now, any position? I know Amazon was rough on you."

I smiled and looked at the class. Technically, class had ended a few minutes ago, but they all stayed waiting for more.

"Um, doggy?"

One guy whooped, "Hell ya!"

My lab partner smiled, "Okay." She let go of my dick and turned around to fan her ass. I hopped off the table and quickly and smoothly entered her from behind. I was soon pumping and slapping up against her ass. I loved this position, it felt good to be top dog, so to speak. I remembered to be careful with my strokes as I had entered her asshole by accident before, and I wouldn't risk it again.

But what I didn't realize, my eager strokes were stirring the flibanserin in her. She was moaning long and loud, "Fuck me. Fuck me, young stud. Yes! Yes! Yes!"

And suddenly, she backed me up against the wall. There, while she remained on all fours before me, she grinded me up against the wall, her ample ass pounding me. "Yes, yes, yes! Give me that teenage cum!" She cried.

I was close. I wanted to pound the shit out of her, but instead, she had me pinned up which again gave her all the control, all the leverage of the strokes. I slapped her ass hard to make her move forward but she kept working up against me until I could take it no more. "I'm going to cum!" I yelled, grabbing her ass. She increased her rhythm, and with the sound and the force of a toilet plunger, she pulled the cum out of me. She extracted every drop. I was on tiptoes as I came, like I was afraid I'd get sucked into her vagina like my spurts cum. Finally, she fell forward and reached behind her to feel up her slick, cum-drenched lips.

I almost collapsed myself. The professor grabbed my shoulders to steady me, "Older female sexuality is a powerful thing!" I nodded and looked for my robe.

As the class shuffled out of class, talking amongst themselves, my lab partner stopped me. "Do you have any drops left?" She boldly reached between my robe, grabbed my dick and touched the tip which did have a sticky couple of oozes left.

"Give me a break!" I laughed. "Lady, you fucked the shit out of me!" I tried to walk past her, but she dropped to her knees and deep throated me, her tongue swirling around the head of my dick, under my foreskin, as she sucked every molecule of any residual cum up. I pushed her back and my dick popped out of her mouth. She lipped her lips like a satisfied cat.

"That's insane!" I said.

"See you later, partner!" she winked at me.

That night, my mom, beaming with joy, announced that she was pregnant. I sat up stunned. My dad was thrilled and swept her off her feet as they danced around the dining room. My sister was smirking knowingly and when our parents left the room, she turned to me, "Mom's having a baby but it's not dad's!"

My hands were cold and trembling, "How do you know?"

"Because mom told me she wanted a baby and dad is never sleeping with her, so she got a sperm donation from the college. Isn't she smart?"

"Sperm donation?"

"Yeah, you know my physical diagnostics class? She's been having sex with the model patient. She says he has the same color eyes and hair like us, so dad will never know it's not his!"

Shit, glad I'm not part of this, I thought.

My sister pulled out an envelope from her purse. "Forgot to give this to mom. From the professor. Her lab payment."

I looked up from my dinner and saw "Rowena" on it.

"What's that? Mom's name is Winnie."

My sister laughed, "Yes, stupid. Winnie is short for Rowena."

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