Urban Girl in a Village Ch. 01

Heard of that person who has been to lots of places, have had enough money, ate drank and laughed a lot? Well, that's me. Adding to these elements, I'm a girl too.

The name's Roshni, currently 21 years old, from Northern parts of India. 

Well... I can't be sure of that. I was born there, but my mom and dad are from the south end of the country, Kerala.

My dad's work demands a lot of travel. He had to travel from places to places. Countries to countries, to be exact! Like any other man who loves his family a lot, he took his family too with him to all these places. 

So from my childhood itself, from the moment I started to remember things, I have been a wanderer in my life.

I had my primary education in Germany for 3 years, next 3 years in Bahrain, then till twelfth in New Delhi.

My adolescence was spent completely in the capital of India...may be that's why I feel like, That's my home... and I wanna be there.

Now...the most important decision of my life was taken by me 3 years back. The worst decision of my life, to be precise. I decided to do my college education in Kerala.

Don't know why i took that decision. May be I thought that I wanted some fresh air, change of environment and feel another climate and culture. So I packed my bag to Kerala alone while dad and mom fled to London.

This incident happened when I was 18 years old. It was the month of June when we landed here. Rain welcomed me to my motherland. I knew little bit of the native language Malayalam but my tongue got twisted while saying some of the words, People used to laugh, while I tried to keep up with the pronunciation. But fuck it, you know!

I was staying with my grandmom and grandad in a village. They were very old but they could take care of them self. It was very hard for me to adjust to the life there.

Someone who have been living in cities and enjoying the night life cannot adjust to the sudden silence the villages have to offer and the routines where everyone shut their lights off by 7.30-8. I was trying very hard to adjust with the life style. And I was missing my mom and dad.

So slowly I made some friends in college.

Met with new people.

New boys.

Life was slowly getting better in Kerala.

That's when i noticed one thing that I hadn't ever seen anywhere before.

I used to wear jeans pants and T-shirts to the college in the earlier days of my college days. The men, I mean, every single fucking person I met in the roads and college, was looking at me as if I were walking down the road completely naked and asking them to fuck me at the moment.

Some bad incidence occurred to me in one of my early days in Kerala, which I still remember with much clarity and I'll write about it here:

It was a rainy day. Our internal exams were about to start the next week and I didn't even know which chapters to study and I didn't even have the notes with me. Since I was new here and I had to arrange and buy a lot of things, I had to do a lot of shopping and because of that I had to miss some of my classes. I was staying with my grandmom and granddad in their village house. I didn't even get a chance to buy other classmates' books and take a Photostat to study(actually they knew me little and were hesitant to give their books). I was all alone to do something. So I decided to make some moves on my own. 

I went to my teachers and referred to their notes and to their reference text books. I decided to do some studies in the college library and decided to spend some time in the library. That day, as soon as the classes finished, I called home and said grandmom that I'll be late and will catch a bus to reach home as I will not get the college bus. Then I went to library and took the reference books and started to make notes. 

For the next two hours I was all into it and I really lost track of time. I came to know it was quarter past six in the evening, only when the librarian came and said they were about to close.

I got out of the library and college.

I was a little panicked. The college campus was all empty, there were only some hostel boys who were playing the basketball in the court. I quickly got out of there and started walking. 

I had to walk around 400 metres to reach the bus stop. Then a slight breeze started to form. Within minutes it became a wind and the wind started to gain its speed. It felt a lot cooler and I enjoyed it. The breeze was forming goose bumps on my hands. My nipples started to ache against the bra. I saw clouds gathering in the sky. It was a nice climate. This breeze was the clue for the heavy rain that followed.

Then it started to rain. 2-3 drops of rain fell on me. Within seconds it started to rain heavily. At this time I almost reached the bus stop. It was around 100 metres away from where I was now. When I was taking the umbrella from the bag, I heard a horn sound and the people who were standing in the bus stop started to move. I knew the bus was coming and if I spend time in taking the umbrella, I might miss the bus.

So I decided not to take the umbrella and started walking. Sound of the bus was coming nearer and ...there was it. The bus stopped at the stop and people started to get into it. I was still around 25-30 metres away from the bus. If I walked in this speed, I would never make it. I knew that. So I decided to run.

But I couldn't run fast enough as it was raining heavily and also wind was at full speed and there was a big bag on my shoulders. Also, I was getting wet! As all passengers got into the bus, I was almost there and I waved my hand to the bus conductor to stop the bus.

He then looked at me.

He didn't blow the whistle.

He waited for me. 

I ran quickly to reach the bus and as I got into the bus, he blew the whistle and the bus started to move. I took a deep breath and was relaxed and looked around. What I saw made me startle a little bit.

The bus was almost full with male passengers and every single person was looking at me.

I was standing near the bus conductor and he was not looking onto my face, but only into my breasts.

I knew what was wrong. Actually I felt it.

I was all wet and I was wearing a white shirt and a black bra inside it. I could feel the fabrics of the shirt sticking on my body.

I was really afraid when I knew that all of the passengers who were looking into my body could see the shirt all wet and see-through and the black bra visible through it.

I was really ashamed. I wanted to hide my body. I got an idea.

I decided to take my bag off my shoulders and put it across my body. Also, I had to take the money for the bus fare. So suddenly I started to take the bag.

I must admit that I was a little tensed and was not cool at all and all in a hurry, as I took my bag off my shoulder, my shirt also came with the bag.

I was not aware of that until I took the bag off one shoulder completely and started to search for the purse in it. As I looked down to search for the purse, I saw the shirt was stripped off the right shoulder and my wet naked shoulder was in display for the whole bus except for the black bra strip. I quickly placed my shirt back on my shoulder and took the purse and gave the money to the conductor.

All the seats were occupied and the bus was almost full. Some women who were sitting in the seats looked at me as if I did some crime. So, standing there, relaxed, I started to wind the clock back and re-played the whole event.

I must be putting a show for the people in the bus. They might have thought that I did everything purposefully. I looked around again. Everybody was still staring at me.

Some were looking onto my boobs, some on my wet shoulders, some on my back. Very little on my face too.

The bag was feeling a little bit heavier as I stood with it on the shoulder. So I decided to keep it in the berth.

The shirt I was wearing was a shorter one, which only covered the top of my pants and only 2 inches length on my arms. So, if I raised my arms, since my top was all wet and short, I knew that it will come along with my body and show a little bit of my belly and a clue of under arm. But at the time I didn't think about it much as my shoulder was getting weaker.

So, I turned to my left, took the bag from the shoulder and moved a little to the back, since the berth started only from a feet back where I stood and raised my hands with the bag.

But one thing I didn't know was that, I was already putting on some show for my fellow passengers standing behind me. My back was exposed around one inch where the top had ridden up, which I didn't know because of the coolness and the total wet situation. So, I knew it was going to be difficult than I thought.

However, I didn't wish to turn back and rearrange the top and go again to the berth because the people who are not really looking now will get a chance to peep into my body (I wonder,if there were any...!!). So I decided to proceed and finish and quickly return. 

I took the bag and rose the hand to the berth to put it there, I felt the top raising far beyond the pants, raising by softly touching the smooth skin of my belly, now touching and softly playing around my belly button. Goosebumps formed when the cloth touched the belly skin. It was playing around my navel and don't know why, I looked slightly through the side of my eyes to the fellow passengers.

Around 5-8 people standing around me were admiring my body. Not only the navel show, but also the posture of me which positioned my boobs in such a position that it was jammed between the poles in the bus, which made my boobies look bigger and protruding. 

Also the sleeves of top were in such a position that they showed my cleanly shaved underarms. Looking into their eyes, I thought they were confused where to look in my body. I don't know why, but I liked to stand like that for some time even after I put the bag in the berth. I stood like that by adjusting the straps of the bag that fell from the birth, for around 10 seconds. Then I moved back to my position and adjusted the top, back to normal again.

It was raining heavily, so the bus moved very slowly.

There was no change in the crowd for a long time since the bus didn't stop at many stops since there were no one to get off or to get in the bus. Bus then entered into the town area. The bell rang and the bus came to a halt at the bus stop.

There was a bar near the stop and only some people got down there. Then more people started to get into the bus.

The bus stood in the stop for some minutes and it all started to get hot and humid inside the bus. The rough talks of men started to rise from the back of the bus. They were talking loudly, abusing each other, laughing out loud. Even I started to feel the smell of alcohol rising all over there.

I felt a little panicked by the thoughts of the strange people standing behind me with little consciousness and me standing there with a wet and see-through white top with a black braziers under it for all of them to see. Quickly I startled when a hand came from my behind and touched my shoulder.

I suddenly turned back and saw a middle aged man standing behind me. I looked at him piercingly.

Then he said softly: "move a little to the front. It's getting too crowded and people behind are standing on the steps. They may fall out." 

That's when I looked back. The bus was full of men, low class dirtily dressed alcoholic men queued up behind me, most of them staring at me like a wolf looking at its prey. Many of them were having their eyes red as a traffic signal and were stripping me nude with their looks. I couldn't look back for more time as I totally panicked looking at them.

I started to move forward. But I couldn't help much as there were women standing in the front, too. I moved maximum one feet. Seeing this, men also started to move forward.

Comments were coming from the back, like 'move to the front, lady. We are falling to the road'. But I couldn't help moving to the front.

Then, I took a breath and turned back and said: "I can't move anymore to the front. It's crowded." Looked into their eyes, while saying this. They didn't expect this, I believe. 

No one responded to it, but I still heard someone whispering something. I felt confident. 

That's when the bus conductor came with his loud noise and big mouth. "everyone step forward. Can't you see all these people hanging on the steps and it's all raining. You are a bunch of heartless creatures. Madam...move forward." 

I knew, he was mentioning me. I tried, but to no avail. That's when a sudden rush came from the back and people started to fall one on the back of another. Some well-built man must have been standing on the steps!! Some women standing in front of me made loud noises as they started to fall. 

Well, I was standing there by holding to a vertical rail. I'm a short girl with 5'2'' height. I can't reach to the top horizontal rail by simply standing there. I'll have to raise a bit and take all my hand's length to the top to reach onto the horizontal rail. So I usually hold the vertical one.

Whatever, it was not a comfortable position for no one in the bus. As the push came from the back, the man behind me pushed me further. I could not hold on to the vertical rail any more. Had to move forward. My hands were free. That's when the bus started to move forward. Everyone started to fall back. People were making noises. Me, in desperate effort not to fall back more, since I had been in touch with the man in my back for some time, raised my hand and took hold of the horizontal rail and pushed myself forward further.

After just a sec, with a strength bigger than that of mine, the woman in the front pushed me back with such a force that I moved back more and started to get squeezed between people and my hand got off the rail. 

In an effort to free myself, I moved to the middle row of the bus where the situation was a little cooler than before. The bus was swinging to and fro and I quickly took hold of the rail above my head with my right hand and also used my left hand to hold the rail to a little left of me. I had to raise a bit more than usual to keep me in position. 

I had totally forgot about everything else and kept on concentrating on my positioning in the crowd. I forgot that there were drunkard people standing behind me, I was wearing a dress that was a provocative in their culture, they say, and I was standing with a weird pose by stretching both hands to the rails and by placing legs apart to keep me stable, until when a ugly man behind me reminded me of all those things, by placing his hand on my ass, which was protruding to him.

I was shocked to feel the hand on my back.!! He was pressing my right ass cheek through the jeans pants. I felt his rough hands. Impulsively, I turned back to look at him. 

‎There were lights in the bus, which didn't help anyone to see a damn thing except the contours of the shapes of things. You cannot see the colour of the hair clip used by that woman in front of me. Also it was all getting dark in the outside. 

‎I only turned back a little but just then I felt the strong aroma of the liquor from his mouth. I felt like vomiting. I turned my head and started to look at the hair clip of the woman. I didn't know what to do. 

But the man behind knew what exactly he was doing. He started to caress my right ass cheeks like he were pressing a soft hand ball in his hands. I tried moving forward. But, to where...?!! my moving to the front, he must have thought as a signal and slowly his hand moved to the bottom of my ass. He put his fingers in the gap of my bum cheeks and started pushing them further. It was hell of a moment. 

‎I then decide to react and using my left hand, pushed his hand away from my body and turned back to look him to say something. But his big grey moustache sting on my cheek and he smiled with his ugly black teeth on me, which gave a foul smell of alcohol and nicotine. "Move away." I somehow managed to say. He said nothing and kept on giving that foul smile. 

That's when something totally unexpected happened. Another hand started to caress my belly from my right back!! I was really startled by it because he was tickling me!! He smiled at my reaction. It was someone else who was tickling me. 

Seeing his activities, the man, who I was looking at, started to smile too. I turned to my front and placed my left hand back on the rail. Seriously, I didn't know what to do. His hand kept on caressing my bare belly and back. 

I knew there was a lot of flesh I was showing off by raising all my hands to the sky. About two inch of flesh was in display. 

I then again used my hand to put the top downwards and push the ugly hand away from my belly. 

I was sweating. Sweat was flowing from my neck, armpits and everywhere. Amidst all those foul smells, I felt the smell of my sweat. 

The man would remove his hand for a sec when I pushed him away and will place it again somewhere else on my body. He was never forcing me. He never wanted to do so because still there were enough possibilities for him to wander around my body even without using force. 

When I pushed his hand from my right back, he would place his hand on my spinal cord and start to run hand through the groove. When I pushed his hand from there, he would, after a sec, suddenly place his hand directly over my belly button and put a finger into my hole. 

He used that one second to lick his that finger I think. Because, I felt some wetness while he did that. 

Or was that the sweat which filled my belly button? 

When I removed his hand from the belly button, he placed his hand on my ass cheeks and also started to caress my right hip bone.

We! That was not his hand!

It was that of that first man, who liked my ass more than naked flesh. 

Now there were two!! 

One pressing my ass cheeks while another caressing my hip bone and pushing my jeans downward. He put a finger through my jeans and found my panties. 

I was totally helpless and had no idea what to do. The only one thing that I did was understanding the situation I was in.

Yes, I was in a crowded bus, all wet, not only by the rain but the sweat formed in me, because of the heat in the bus caused by the exhaled air mixed by the alcohol and nicotine, while two ugly hands of some totally unknown strange low class workers was wandering all over my body!

Not one, but two.

Not two hands, but two pairs of hands.

Yes. They were completely over me.

I tried hard to understand the situation I was in.

It was like: One hand pressing my ass cheeks one by one, sometimes each separately, sometimes pushing hand into the hot gap between the ass cheeks, another hand playing with my belly button, wandering all over my belly, sometimes going all the way downward to put the finger inside the jeans and even trying to put it inside the panty, another hand touching the left hand of mine, well, the underside of it, touching my wet sweating armpit, my cleanly shaven white armpit, and sometimes pushing the hand towards my left boob.

My boobs, 34D are lemon drop shaped ones which used to protrude defying the gravity. He pressed his hand on my boob strongly.

Still there was one hand, which was wandering all over my back, sometimes coming to the front and pressing my right boob, then going back and putting it inside my shirt through my bottom and caressing my whole back.

I was not sure, if a third person was involved!! 

Because it didn't match the rhythm of movement of other 3 hands.

Then came the tongue.

The man with his hand on my panties, came through my right side and licked my neck, which send a shiver through my body.

This guy is some crazy tickler, I thought.

Then he mover further and placed his head under my raised right arm.

Oh My God.!!Please give me control... I thought.

He placed the head under my arm and gave my already wet underarm a big long wet lick using his soft and strong tongue. "mmmm..." he said. Me, on the other side, exhaled strongly.

I impulsively moved my arm from him. Also his hand was always inside my jeans and touching my panty. After doing this he put a finger inside the panty. "no,no,no...please...don't do that..." I whispered to him.

But instead of the reply, he kissed my underarm and moved the hand downward.

I don't like shaving down there. So there always used to be a thick forest at my groin area. I felt his hand touching my hairy groin. His hand wandered around in the bush. He moved further downward. I knew what he was up to.

FUCK...!! A stranger is trying to play with my soft pussy in a crowded bus...!

That's when I felt something else. I no longer felt the hand that was pressing my ass cheeks.

That missing hand's other pair was now pressing my left boob. The hand, now found its way inside my shirt. He put the hand through my armpit hole and was forcefully placing the hand inside the shirt. He put 3 fingers inside the shirt. My black brazier was tight against my boobs. So he desperately tried pushing the finger inside the bra.

That's when that crazy hand which was wandering all over me placed the hand inside the shirt through my back. He lifted the shirt as if he were gonna strip me in the bus. Luckily, he didn't do that. But did something else. He unbuckled my bra from behind!!

The moment he unbuckled it, I felt my body relaxing and I took a deep breath. Because the other hand which was pushing the bra and my body stretching upwards had made my torso so tight against the brazier.

As soon as he unbuckled it, the bra jumped forward and felt it moving downward. At the same moment, the hand which was keeping on trying to get inside the left side of shirt got a sudden urge to push his hand further inwards. He placed four of his fingers inside my armpit hole and started putting them through the bra. He didn't have to fight hard to reach my boobs. Because the straps of the bra loosened and allowed his hand to take hold of my breast. My naked breast...!!

An ugly low class drunkard playing with my soft and fleshy naked boobs and caressing my pink and soft nipple with his rough hands.

I thought about my days when I used to be a beauty queen in my plus two classes and the boys always wanted to look a peak at my cleavage whenever they got a chance. My boyfriends never fed up sucking to my soft pink nipples. Some of them even used to keep sucking my soft nipples.

That boobs are now being pinched and use violently by a dirty third class drunkard!!

Now there were only three hands on me. One trying to reach my pussy, another pressing my left boob and nipples, and the last one ...well...the last one disappeared after unbuckling my bra, then came back to unzip my jeans...!! I was wondering, what all their free hands were doing!!

At this moment I was in total horror as everything was skipping away from me. If he undid my jeans, i will be almost nude in public. Unhooked bra, undone shirt buttons (well...I had no idea when did that happen), now I was about to lose my jeans.

Me, in horror and panic, tried desperately to stop all these harassing. I took my left hand from the rail and put both those hands which were playing on my jeans and pushed them away.

As I lowered my left hand the 3rd hand was trapped in between my armpit and boob.

I moved forward and used my right hand to push away the hand from me. In that force, I heard a tearing sound.

Alas...!! my shirt was now torn...! fucking hell...!!

I desperately started to do my undone shirt. I will take care of my bra later. Did all the shirt buttons. Pulled my jeans upwards. That's when i started to swing to and fro.

Since both my hands were on my jeans, I lost my balance and started falling. I tried to reach to the rail.

That's when the man to my right-back took my hand and placed it on his hand. I tried holding him.

I had to move to my right side while doing it. Seeing this, the other two men moved to my left and covered me.

Now I was encircled by 3 men.

I tried holding the rail using my left hand. Then the other man on my left took hold of my hand. I didn't know what they were up to, until the man to my left took my hand and moved it under his tucked cloth and placed it on his rock hard cock!! He was wearing a brief, but I still felt his hard cock in my hand. Right then I tried pulling away. But he placed his hand over my hand and started moving it inside the brief of his, and thus placing it straight on his cock.

It was of an average length. He started moving my hand to and fro on his rock hard cock, when the man behind me pushed my jeans a little downwards. 

He pushed it down until my butt cleavage was being put on display. He stopped it right there and disappeared for some seconds. He's like that. Now I was sure he's gonna come back with a huge shock on me.

The other man whom I was holding onto started to caress my boobs through the shirt. I looked downward.

My rock hard nipple were pressing against the white shirt. Ohh...!! I should have taken care of the brazier right then, when I got that chance.

Since my hands were no longer aiming at the sky and were placed at one man's hand and another man's cock, the bra straps started to move downwards.

Also his boob play helped it to move further downwards. The straps started to come through my sleeves to my hands. I used my right hand to push the straps inside the sleeves. At the moment itself, it came back to display. 

That's when the man at the back came back. Yes,it was hell of a surprise...!! 

I didn't feel his hand , instead, through the butt cleavage I was providing for him, he placed his dick into the gap between my ass cheeks.

I felt the warmth of the piece of meat he placed in the gap. He slowly started to push his monster into my jeans, through the butt cleavage.

He slowly started to move to and fro and I felt the cock pressing into my ass cleavage and going back.

At the same time, I felt my right hand in rhythm with the cock. He no longer was forcing me to whack him off. Instead, i was stroking him. His eyes were closed.

That's when I heard the bus conductor shouting loud. I was about to reach my bus stop. Still there were 3-4 stops ahead before my stop reaches. 

At that moment some new wave of emotion came to my mind. Something I never had in me. I decided to finish them off before I get down at my stop. I somehow wanted to make them cum and make some memories of this trip in their mind. And mine too. Suddenly I was in the mood and started to play along. Like that chinese proverb says: "if you're being raped and you can't stop it, just enjoy it." So that's it. I decided.

I felt the cock in my left hand starting to get hard more and more. I heard the man whispering to me: "don't stop".

I kept on wanking him forcefully. I felt the speed of mounting through the jeans kept on increasing. I was afraid if someone else is noticing his movement. I knew he was about to shoot it off. All of this caressing, stripping and playing must have made their balls to boil their semen. I wanted to finish all of this before I reach my stop. I saw the man to my left starting to lose his control, started to shake violently. Suddenly he started to fuck my fist using his about -to- erupt cock. And within seconds everything slowed down.

I felt a hot stream of thick cock-milk flowing into my left hand. He kept on coming. His cock ejaculated 3-4 times, each time filling my hand enough amount of liquid.

As soon as he ended it, I withdrew my hand and looked at my palm. It was full of white jism. I pasted it on my jeans pants. I didn't want anyone else to see it. That's when I felt another hotness.

The man who had been fucking my ass cleavage sped up and by a sudden gasp, he erupted inside my butt cleavage, allowing his hot cum to flow all the way through my ass crack into my ass. I felt it really tickling when his hot semen flew through my butt crack all the way down to my ass hole and further downwards. That hot liquid in this cold weather was tickling my butthole.

There was more time for the bus to reach my stop. I looked at the other man who had been standing there watching all these things. The man to my back put his cock out and pasted his cum on my bare back. I said to the man to my right : "I'll get down at next stop."

I don't know why I said it. May be I was afraid that he won't allow me to get down there without finishing him off. Or maybe I wanted to make him happy. "Oh..." he said. He was caressing my boobs. "then finish me off before you go..." he added. 

Me, watching this surprisingly asked him: "what?"

"You heard me."

"No way I'm doing that."

"So what were you doing all these time?"

"You were forcing me."

"Oh really? But I thought you enjoyed it."

"Fuck off." I said.

That's when the bus stopped at the stop just before mine. The crowd was slowly subsiding down. 

He kept on caressing my boobs. He had already unbuttoned me and my shirt was open till my navel for display for anyone to see. My bra laid there loosened all the way down to my Belly button. "I'm going." I said.

"you can't." Saying this, he put my hand under his cloth and directly on his thick hard cock. He had the biggest cock among the three. "until you finish me off" he took hold of my bra and pulled it towards him.

"No. You can't do it, please, leave me...let me go." I said in panic. I knew, he won't let go of the bra.

"don't waste your time talking. start and finish before you reach there."

I was in total panic as there was less than a minute to reach the stop. There was no time to think. May be he is right. I can finish him before the bus reach there. Without thinking, I started to whack him quickly. 

"Do it slowly." he said.

The bus started to move. The next stop was mine. I obeyed him. I stroked him slowly. 

"enjoy what you are doing." He said.

I tried. But still I was panicked. I tried enjoying it. I stroked him slowly and intensely so that he can enjoy as well it will end soon.

The conductor shouted the name of the stop. There was only around 20 seconds before the bus reached there. I stroked him slowly and steadily. I used my finger tip on the bottom of his glans penis and moved it under there. I used to use my tongue on my friends' glans when I needed them to cum fast. It worked out. He closed his eyes and started humming. "mmm...I'm cumming..."

Just after 2-3 seconds, I felt his hot thick cum on my palms. I kept on using the finger down there and he kept on cumming. Then I heard the conductor using the bell, indicating the driver to stop at the point. 

Yes...it was my stop. The bus was about to stop there. He opened his eyes and took my arm from his groin area and looked at the cum- filled soft smooth little hands of mine. He smiled. As I was about to paste it on my jeans, he surprised me by taking my cum filled hand to my own breasts. And he pasted all of his cum on my bare nipples, tits and everywhere on my breasts. I felt a strange arousal forming inside me. I pinched my nipple. That's when the bus came to a halt and people started to get off the bus. 

"Your stop" he said. I panicked and looked on my body. 

My jeans pants were all the way down to 3 inches below my navel. I could see my panty. I quickly pulled it up, buttoned it. Then the bra. Once again I left it as such, without buckling the bra straps. Instead, I pulled it back, through my hand to my shoulders. 

I felt the strong smell of cum from my boobs. But there was no time for that. I started to do my shirt buttons. I did the 2-3 buttons and that's when the double bell rang and the bust started to move. "One more person..." the men standing behind me shouted. They were all watching my actions and enjoying it. 

I was their slut for the last half an hour, and they must show their respect to me in a way, right?

The bus again stopped and I started to run to get off it. "Your bag." 

The man whose cum was pasted on my jeans, helped me take my bag. 

People gave way for me. As I was about to reach the steps, I saw the outside of the bus and a sudden rush of cool wind hit on me. The rain had all subsided. I felt so cool and the conductor felt so aroused, I think. Because he was looking on my body with open mouths. As I looked down, I saw my shirt's buttons were all open from the bottom of by bra towards the jeans. I felt like a bollywood item dancer with all my wet belly and the cute deep navel in display, for him.

I didn't try hiding them all as nobody else were looking. I started to get down the bus . He was standing near the steps and I had to squeeze past him. While passing him, he adjusted in such a way that my breast pressed against him. It really helped.

My left boob really pressed against his belly and again the top button left its hole and my cleavage was in display for him. Since my bra was not hooked, it almost passed way down till my areola. He watched in amazement as my cleavage and areola was on display only for him.

I felt his hard on slowly rising. But now I had no time to handle it, so I got down at the stop and started walking, not even looking into the bus. I knew, every single person must be looking at me since I was showing off a lot of skin to all of them. I quickly started buttoning up and walked home. 

As soon as I reached the home, I entered my room and put the bag aside and closed the door.

I lay there in my bed, thinking about the shocking experience from the bus. A bunch of ugly third class workers played all over my body and I let all of them cum on me and the cum is still glued to me.

I felt really ashamed of myself. Why the fuck didn't I react to a single person? I even asked a man, if he wanted me to jerk him off.

I had thought that I was a strong person who can go through any situations boldly, taking my decisions. Now in a bus full of ugly men, I couldn't raise my voice against a single man who used advantage of me. Not only that, I even allowed them to masturbate on my body. Why did I act so strangely? 

Thinking about all these things, I also felt ashamed of myself. Also wondered if anyone who knew me were in that bus. Thoughts started to flow into my brain. I woke up and decided to take a bath. I stripped off the shirt.

It was torn at the armpit. There was mud on it, from those workers' hands.

I smelled it. It smelled of my sweat, the smell of alcohol and even some foul smell. I felt ugly. Then another smell came from my body. I knew that smell. It was the smell of cum. I knew where it came from. I looked down and saw my breast was covered by the cum.

I stripped off my bra and smelled it. It smelled of a strong cum.

I felt a tingle at my pussy. I always liked the smell of cum. It had some strange aroma which always used to awaken me.

While I was abroad, while in a combined study, with 6 other boys and me, I used to give every single boy blowjobs, of course not informing others. The smell of male cum makes me super horny. I smelled it again. I didn't want to, but some instinct made me do it.

Suddenly I felt ugly.

Some ugly low class whore who smells the cum of a low class drunkard worker who whacked off it on her body. Then threw it into the bed. That's when the smell started to rise from my body itself.

I knew where it came from too. It was from my tits.

Without looking onto it, I touched my boobs, by closing my eyes. I took my both breasts in my hands and started pulling my nipples. I again felt a strong blood flow into the nipples. They became erect. I smelled them and started licking them. It felt pasty.

I spitted my saliva on my boobs and started mixing it with the stranger's cum. It has now become an awesome mix. I felt the smell and the sticky paste really made me horny. I lost all my control.

OK. I'll decide everything after these 2 minutes, I decided. I started to pinch my nipples forcefully and lick the saliva-cum mix from my boobs.

OH...! I wanted more cum.

I licked all those cum from my boobs. Where do I get more sperm? That's when I remembered it. I pulled my jeans pants off and started searching for the cum which i pasted on it. I found it. There was only a stain on it. I smelled it. Damn...!! what a foul smell that was...!!

Still I felt tinkle below there. Without wasting a moment, I again put it into my nose and smelled again.

Damn!! I love the smell.

I again and again smelled it and lied down on the bed smelling it and pinching my nipples, mixed with the saliva-sperm mixture.

Then I felt some wetness near my pussy. I decided to finger myself. As soon as I started to put my finger, I felt a huge rush of wetness flowing to my pussy. It came from my ass.

I took the hand off the front of the panty and placed it at the back.

Oh my God...!! it was all wet down there. My panty, my ass crack throughout, my asshole, it was all filled with cum.

There was a sloppy sound when I tried pushing my cracks apart. They were glued to each other by a stranger's cum.

I felt really excited and horny.

I started fingering myself.

I placed the cum soaked jeans near my nose, pinched my saliva-stranger's sperm pasted nipples and started to play with the cream at my ass crack.

I used my finger to paste the cum all over the ass crack. When it became all pasty, I brought the finger to my nose and smelled it. There was a kinky smell of the cum mixed with my sweat along with the smell of my asshole.

I kept on fingering. I suddenly reached the edge of orgasm as I felt this strange kinky smell. I started to taste my finger. I liked the taste. I again used my finger to touch and take more of that mix from my butt. I again tasted it. All of those thoughts and smell really touched me and I started feeling it.

I was about to cum. A strong sensation passed through my body.

My nipples became hard like never before.

My pussy walls started putting pressure on my fingers.

I was close to cumming. I put two fingers in my pussy and started fingering furiously.

Within 5 seconds, my body erupted to a strong orgasm, which I hadn't experience in the near days.

I laid down there for some time.

Then I woke up and started to take a long bath to clean all the stranger's cum from my body.

I washed my clothes since I didn't want my grandmom to smell cum from the clothes. After washing, I stitched the shirt too.

Placed them neatly on the hanger as if everything were all right. I took a deep breath and tried to convince me, saying everything is normal now. But I knew it was not.

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