Heather's Bus Journey

Heather Lane, 19 years old, boarded the overnight bus and proceeded to walk down the long aisle. She chose to sit in the last row of seats because there was more leg room there. She was travelling to Buffalo, New York, to start her university studies and to look for a residence to rent. Heather was small being only five feet one inch tall and weighing only 105 pounds. She was dressed in a short plaid skirt; pink halter top; and high heel shoes. Her brown hair reached to just above her shoulders. 

Gradually the bus filled up with other passengers. There were twenty-five rows of seats on each side of the aisle. However the back row had only one row and Heather sat in the seat right next to the tiny window. There was only one seat to her left which was still not occupied. Heather had never taken a long overnight bus ride alone and she felt a bit apprehensive.

An older man was walking down the aisle searching for a seat. Heather saw him glance toward her and he neared the last available seat which was to her left. 

"Hello young lady. I hope this seat is free." he asked. 

Heather glanced up at him "yes, it's o.k."

He sank down into his seat and the bus began to move.

Heather estimated that he was about fifty years old. Old enough to be her father. He was at least six feet tall and weighed about 200 pounds. Heather sensed that he was looking at her bare legs and she suddenly wished she had worn her blue jeans. Heather tried tugging her short skirt down a bit since she felt a bit shy. 

"Oh, you don't have to try to hide your thighs. With legs like yours you should be proud."

Heather blushed a deep pink flush as the man looked right into her baby blue eyes. She mumbled: 

"I'm sometimes a bit self conscious. It's a fault I have. It's a bit cold in here too so I was just trying to tug my skirt to cover up a bit more."

The man lowered his large right hand and placed it smack dab on Heather's bare left thigh. 

"My hand will keep you warm my dear." 

Heather tried to hide her shock but there was no denying the fact that his large hand was very warm. Not knowing how to react Heather blushed a deeper shade of pink and heard herself say: 

"Um. Uh. Thank you."

His hand began a slow kneading. A slow massage. Softly stroking her naked thigh. Heather reached out and put her hand on top of his and tried to push it away saying: 

"That's o.k. I'm not that cold." 

The man smiled and said: 

"Oh don't mind me, I always massage my niece. She loves it. It'll relax you and warm you up."

Not wanting to make a scene and not sure how to re-act Heather took her hand off of his and turned to look out the small window. She felt unsure of what to do or say. His hand continued its gentle massage and there was no denying that it felt good. A frozen feeling came over Heather. No one had ever touched her like this before. She couldn't switch seats since all the others were full. She couldn't get up since he was between her and the aisle and besides there was nowhere for her to go anyway. She felt his large hand stroking her naked thigh and had to admit to herself that, yes, it did seem to be warming her up a bit.

The man continued chatting to her.

"Oh yes, my niece loves massages. Why I gave one to her just last weekend. She's 22 years old. About your age." 

Heather turned back from the window and said: 

"Oh, I just turned 19 last month." 

The man smiled and said: 

"I never would have guessed that you were that young." 

His eyes gazed down at Heather's blouse taking in the shape of her breasts which were faintly outlined beneath the fabric of her pink halter top. Her breasts appeared to be like two tiny dill pickles. Heather blushed again as he smiled. She could almost feel his eyes undressing her. Unwelcome thoughts ran quickly through her mind of him tugging down her halter top and exposing her young breasts. Heather tried to put these thoughts out of her mind. She wished she'd worn a shirt but it was too late now. She was stuck on this bus with this unpleasant man.

The man continued babbling on and on.

"Yes, indeed, my niece just strips right down and I massage every inch of her. Women nowadays have no shame at all. Not that I'm complaining."

Heather blushed and imagined his naked niece getting a massage from her uncle. He continued speaking:

"Yep, she just spreads wide for me. Lets me touch her all over. You ever had a massage?" 

Heather was shocked by his words and replied in a slightly rude and indignant tone of voice:

"No, I never did, especially by my uncle!"

The man ignored Heather's rude reply and said:

"Yes Siree, my niece just strips right down. Lets me massage her all over. My favorite part is when I rub and stroke her big puffy nipples. My oh my she has such wonderful pink puffy nipples. Get's me excited to be honest with you. What's your name?" 

Heather cringed at his filthy remarks and tried to not listen but it was no use. 

"I'm Heather" she heard herself politely replying.

"Well Heather, pleased to meet you. Now as I was saying my favorite part is when I rub and squeeze on my niece's puffy nipples. She must like it a lot. She always starts squirming around when I do it."

Heather wished he would just shut up and stop his babbling but it was no use. He continued on: 

"Yes Siree, and then she opens her gorgeous thighs for me and I really go to work on her. She likes that part the best. Her pussy lips just about suck in my finger and grip it like a glove. It's a sight for sore eyes."

"I bet you'd like a massage just about now, wouldn't you Heather?" 

Confusing thoughts ran through Heather's mind. She was disgusted at his filthy words. He had no right to be telling her these dirty things. And yet a part of her was getting excited. A tingling feeling that Heather just couldn't control. She could almost imagine his large hands giving her a massage. She felt herself getting wet and slippery between her upper thighs. She said:

"Um. Please don't tell me these things. It's too private and I don't even know you".

"Oh, Heather, just relax. Don't worry, honey, nobody can hear us back here," he replied. 

Heather felt so funny when the man addressed her as "honey". She felt a weakness come over her. It was as though the rumbling of the bus motor, the highway scenery zipping by, his dirty filthy words, were gently lulling her into a hypnotic trance like state. Try as she might to ignore the man; she found herself strangely excited by what was happening.

The man leaned in really close to Heather's ear and whispered: 

"Hey sweetie, are your nipples puffy too? Don't be shy. Be honest Heather." 

A pink blush immediately appeared on Heather's face. Why is this man bothering me Heather wondered? She decided to just ignore him and not to even look at him. 

Her breasts had always embarrassed Heather. They were unusual in that they were almost all nipple and they extended out a few inches from her chest. Her nipples jutted outward in a torpedo like shape. Most unusual of all was the fact that if Heather's nipples got erect in the cold air then each of her nipples stiffened beyond her control and each one resembled a tiny erect cock approximately four inches in length. 

On top of that, her nipple flesh was extremely sensitive. Whenever Heather would shower and rub her breasts with a washcloth her nipples would almost instantly erect and the sensations would cause her pussy to get wet and slippery. She was so embarrassed by her strange looking breasts that as a result she had become quite a shy and withdrawn person and had never even had a close boyfriend. She never went swimming in the summer preferring to stay home and read a book.

Heather turned away again and looked out the tiny bus window ignoring the rude man. However, he was not dissuaded in the least. His hand continued massaging her left thigh and then he moved closer to her left ear and kept talking dirty to her: 

"I betcha you like to be fingered. I betcha you like to spread wide. I betcha your nipples are getting stiff right now". 

On and on he droned like a broken record. Words flooded Heather's mind:

"I betcha you like to hold a big cock. I betcha you like to suck on a big one. I betcha you like being a slut". 

Heather could feel herself getting even more wet down there. She couldn't help it. If only he would stop talking and just leave her alone. His dirty words were making Heather get too excited.

All this time the man's hand had continued to slowly massage Heather's thigh. His large hand was relaxing her and lulling her into a trance like state. And then suddenly his hand was on the move, sliding up further, under Heather's short plaid skirt. Alarmed, Heather squeezed her upper thighs shut trapping his large hand between her young flesh. 

"Please don't touch me" Heather mumbled. 

"Well Heather now how do you expect me to take my hand away when you've got it trapped between your thighs? Open your thighs so I can take my hand out" the man whispered.

Reluctantly, Heather slowly parted her upper thighs. He quickly took advantage and moved his hand right up against Heather's silky panties. Heather gasped out loud in shock as he whispered in her ear:

"Now what do we have here? Your panties are so wet. I think you do like this!"

Heather dumbly shook her head back and forth. The man ignored her denial and began a slow maddening stroking. His fingers moved up and down the outside of Heather's thin silky panties. Her clit erected on its own and Heather slowly parted her upper thighs a bit wider. The battle was lost. 

The man whispered: "Yes. You're just like my niece. Her clit gets so big and stiff too."

His hand went back to work between Heather's thighs. Stroking. Touching. Rubbing. 

Heather moaned and turned to look out the tiny bus window trying her best to ignore him. Heather didn't know what to do or say. Confusing thoughts ran through her mind. On the one hand, she didn't want to be touched and fondled, but on the other hand it did feel so very good. She parted her thighs even wider.

Heather quivered as she felt sexy sensations overwhelm her. The man then gripped the top band of her panties and slid them right down her legs, over her high heels and off. Heather felt so naked and exposed. 

"Hey, give me back my panties" she begged. 

Smiling, and looking Heather right in her baby blue eyes, the man whispered:

"No ma'am...these are a souvenir" as he casually slipped Heather's wet panties into his pocket.

The man leaned closer to Heather and with his other hand reached out and touched her halter top. 

"Nice top you have, Heather. It's a lovely pink color. Matches your complexion. I bet you're not wearing a bra".

Hooking his fingers around the fabric he slowly began to lower her halter top. Heather grabbed his hand: 

"No! Leave me alone. Please take your hands off me." 

It was a losing battle though. The man was much stronger than Heather and as he slowly tugged down her pink halter top his eyes widened and he gasped when he saw her cylindrical shaped breasts. No, they weren't breasts, they were like a cow's teats, almost all nipple, two inches long! He reached out with both of his hands and gripped her puffy nipples and began to stroke them. Almost instantly they erected to almost four full inches. Her nipples looked almost exactly like two fully erect cocks. The man continued to stroke both of Heather's nipples up and down as though they were erect cocks. It was like he was giving her a hand job.

Heather blushed furiously as she looked up into the man's eyes. 

"Don't, touch me, it's not right" she said as he continued to stroke her nipples. 

However, with each sensual stroke Heather felt her resistance melting away. She was getting more and more excited.

The man took out his cell phone and quickly snapped a few photos of Heather with her long nipples fully exposed. 

"Don't do that. Give me your phone," Heather begged. 

The man looked directly into Heather's pleading eyes and said: 

"No Siree, you're going to listen to what I tell you or else these photos are going directly on the internet. Show me your I.D." 

With no choice Heather took out her I.D. card that had her name and photo printed on it. The man held it next to Heather's flushed face and took another few snapshots. 

"Nice. Very nice. With nipples like these you deserve to be touched. They're just begging to be stroked," the man whispered with glee.

Heather felt so trapped. 

"I can hardly wait to get you home with me, Heather."

Heather shuddered and wondered what he meant by saying he was going to take her to his home. She had to start university classes in two weeks.

(To be continued)

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