Heather's Bus Journey Ch. 02

This story continues to document Heather's journey on a bus.


The bus rumbled on down the highway. Heather could feel the man stroking her stiff clit. She was wriggling in her seat as she got more and more excited. She tried her best not to cum but the man's steady stroking and touching and fondling was driving her closer and closer to orgasm.

"Cum for me you slut" the man whispered in Heather's ear. "You asked for this by wearing such a short skirt. You're a whore deep down inside aren't you, Heather?" 

Heather said "No. I'm good. I try not to sin. It's not my fault. Just because I'm wearing my short skirt doesn't mean that I want to be touched and fondled."

The man chuckled and said "You protest too much sweetie. You know you were asking for it. You're just a tease. A cockteaser. A slut. A whore."

The man leaned down and sucked in Heather's left stiff puffy nipple. Heather's mouth opened in a gasp as she felt his tongue twirling around and around her erect almost four inch long udder tit. Overwhelming tingles surged through her body as she felt his tongue and mouth sucking on her cock like nipple. Combined with his fondling and stroking of her clit Heather was pushed over the edge and she felt her climax begin.

"Oh. Oh. Oh." Heather moaned trying to keep silent so the other passengers wouldn't hear her. She quivered with intense pleasure as she came. Exhausted she leaned back allowing him to continue suckling at her nipple. For the next hour of the trip the man sucked constantly on both of Heather's stiff strangely shaped nipples. He made her come two more times. 

Heather stopped trying to understand why she was letting him do these things to her. She wondered if he was right. Maybe she was a slut. Maybe she did want and need to be fondled and stroked. Maybe she did deserve to be treated this way because of the short skirt and high heels that she wore. Maybe she was "asking for it."

Heather heard the man unzipping his pants. She froze. Heather was staring straight forward not daring to turn her head. However, she watched out of the corner of her left eye and saw the man fish out his cock. He leaned over to her and whispered in her ear "Meet Mr. Cock. It's a big one isn't it? You better look or I'll squeeze your nipple really hard."

Heather slowly turned her head and gazed down at the man's lap. His large cock was fully exposed. Heather's eyes widened as she looked at the throbbing erect cock. The man whispered into Heather's ear "say hello to Mr. Cock. You're going to get to know each other very well."

Heather's mind was in a whirl. She seemed almost hypnotized as she stared at the big hard throbbing cock. She heard herself stupidly say "Hello Mr. Cock. Pleased to meet you." 

The man said "Now, now Heather is that any way to greet your new friend? Give him a big wet kiss!"

Heather seemed helpless a she lowly lowered her head closer and closer to the big hard cock. It was as though she was in a day dream. Far away. And yet she was now looking directly at the big hard cock which was only an inch or two away from her face. The big knob part of the cock looked like a large plum. Heather felt a strange desire to kiss. To lick. To suck. Her pink frosted lipsticked lips parted on their own. Leaning closer Heather began to give the big hard cock a series of baby kisses all along its length. Her wet tongue extended past her lips and began to bathe the cock. Getting it nice and wet and slippery. 

The man leaned down and whispered in Heather's ear "Suck it you slut. Put it in your whore mouth. Come on you cunt. You were born to suck cock." 

Heather felt extremely aroused by his filthy words. She thought to herself "Maybe I am a slut. I must be a whore to be kissing and licking this big hard cock. I'm a cunt." She opened her lips wide and slowly lowered her face onto the big erect cock knob. She felt the plumb like knob sliding into her wet mouth. Inch by inch. A big cock in her mouth. She felt the heavy weight of the big hard cock resting on her tongue. Depressing her tongue like when her family doctor would put a wooden stick in her mouth and look down her throat. 

The man continued to whisper "Betcha you like it a lot. You whore. You slut. You cunt. Suck it in deep you dirty slut." Reaching over with his phone the man quickly took a whole series of photos. Heather's face was clearly visible. A big hard cock right between Heather's pouting lips. She looked like a cheap tramp. A cheap slut. A cheap cunt sucking on a big one. 

In the back of her mind Heather knew she should stop the man from photographing her but she was now so aroused that she didn't care. She knew he could put the pictures that he took earlier of her stiff nipples on the internet. She knew he had a picture of her identification showing her full name, address, and photo. She knew that he now had a whole series of photos showing her sucking in a big one. Sucking in a big hard erect cock right between her innocent pink lips. She knew he had her trapped. But she didn't care now because she had a big one in her mouth and it was slowly curving down the back of her throat. Past her tonsils. Deep down into her throat. Her faced stuffed full of cock. Heather quivered with lust. Her erect nipples and throbbing clit were on the verge of making her cum yet again. Her mouth and throat plugged full of cock. Heather was now forced to breathe through her nose. Heather the slut was sucking on it. Heather the cunt was drooling. 

The man continued his filthy talk "You dirty cunt. You deserve to suck. You cock teasing whore. You still going to parade around in short skirts and high heels? My big balls are so full. Does Heather want a present? Suck it you slut."

Helplessly Heather continued to suck on it. She wanted it to choke her. She wanted it to spurt. She wanted it to pump cum down her throat and into her tummy.

(To be continued)

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