Just a Girl from Iowa

Authors name: Cynthia Candle She was from Iowa. Eighteen and new to the city. She hadn't made many friends, she said, because she really wasn't used to going out at night. I had met her on the bus as we traveled to and from work. We got on and off at the same stop. Although she was quite a bit younger than me (I'm 42) we seemed to hit it off. She was a delightfully re- freshing change from some of the more jaded women I'm aquatinted with. Still, my feelings toward her were not entirely paternal. She was very thin, with short blond hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. Because of her thin, light frame, her breasts were quite small. I was anxious to see exactly how small. She was 5'8" tall and her legs were magnificent. She looked like a ballerina; Slender long legs disappearing into the tightest roundest little bottom you can imagine. One evening we stopped for a drink at a little bar on the corner by the bus stop. We sat at a table and re- capped our day for each other. Talking of how glad we were that it was Friday. Coming from Iowa she was quite curious about the city and was disappointed she had seen so little in the time she had been there. We had a few more drinks. Neither had any particular place to be that evening. We were getting a little tipsy and during the conversation she said that there was something in Chicago that they didn't have in her small Iowa hometown that she really wanted to see. Her face turned bright red as she blushed and said, "Oh my gosh I must have had more to drink than I thought." I said "Why? What is it you want to see?" She replied, "I'm sorry I brought it up. I can't ask a man about those things." I convinced her to tell me, and she said she had never seen a porno movie. She didn't want to go by herself and she was too embarrassed to go with someone else. I told her I had seen many porno films and not to be embarrassed. I would be glad to take her. In fact if she wanted to, we could stop at the Adult bookstore down the street and look at the 25-cent peepshows as a test to see if she wanted to see a full-length movie. We finished our drinks, paid the bill and headed for the adult bookstore. -=*=- She was a little hesitant about going in once we were there but evidently we had had enough to drink, she finally said what the hell, and we opened the door and headed in. I got 10 dollars worth of quarters (wanted to have plenty) and we walked to the back where the booths were. There must have been 30 booths and the aisles were filled with men waiting their turn for various movies. My friend tried not to notice the men, but they were making no effort to hide their own interest in her. We slipped into one of the unoccupied booths with out even looking at what the movie was. I closed the door and slipped the latch. It was dark in there, with the exception of the little red lights that glowed at each of the quarter slots. I slipped a quarter into the first slot and the screen flickered as a film began. It began in the middle that is. There on a the screen, for the first time in her life she saw two men and a woman, one man with his huge cock halfway down the woman's throat and the other man fuck- ing the woman from behind. She gasped and fell back against me in startled amaze- ment. I put my arms around her from behind and we stood there watching the movie, occasionally dropping another quar- ter in. Her breathing was becoming shallow and fast and I let my hand drift up the front of her blouse to those tiny breasts of hers. She made no effort to stop me. I massaged them from the outside but then undid the buttons and slipped my hand inside her shirt. Indeed they were tiny things, mostly nipple, but the nipples were magnificent poking a full inch from the breasts. I rubbed a nipple between my thumb and fore- finger and heard a small gasp. Her breathing was more rapid now, But her eyes never left the screen. I left her blouse hanging open and slid my hands down her waist to her hips then down those marvelous slender thighs. My fingers gripped the material of her skirt and slowly raised it to her waist. I tucked it into itself, moved my hands around to the front and felt the soft bare skin of her belly. She was wearing small cotton panties and my fingers slipped inside them and into her wonderfully moist pussy. This time she was not a low moan escaped, as her lips parted and her tongue licked her lips furtively. I knew that someone had heard us because I could hear the latches slide shut on the booths at either side of us. Her cunt was incredibly wet and tight around my fingers; she had a clit that was more like a baby's cock. It protruded from between her cunt lips, and like her nipples, stuck out nearly an inch. It was hard and slippery. Every time I touched it she moaned and involuntarily jerked her hips. By now her panties fallen down to her ankles. She lifted one foot free of them and spread her legs giving me freer access to her entire body. Her eyes were still glued to the action on the screen. My eyes had grown accustomed to the darkness by now and with the glow given off by the movie screen I looked about the booth. It was then I knew why the booths on either side had been occupied. For on both sides of the booth a hole larger than a mans head had been cut in the plywood. And in fact there about waist high were indeed the faces of two men eagerly watching us. I was in no mood to stop and my horny little friend certainly was in her own world. I leaned forward and ran my tongue around her neck and up to her ear. "Baby I'm going to fuck you right here in the booth. You want a hot hard cock in your cunt?" I was enjoying talking to her in a way I was sure she had never heard to before. She tried answer but as she started to speak My finger flicked over her big clit and all she could reply was, "Uuhhhh!" I unfastened my pants and shoved them and my shorts to the floor giving only a moments thought to what the floor must be like. It felt sticky under foot. My dick was hard and ready to have some hot pussy. I let it slip up between her legs and rest between the lips of her tight little cunt and against that massive clit. My hands went back to her nipples and I started to talk into her ear again. "Move that hot cunt for me, slide it back and forth over that big cock. I'm going to fuck your mouth, your cunt and your ass right here while you watch the movie." Her slender hips began a slow undulation. Through the holes in the wall I knew the men had heard what I said. I knew they had their cocks out and were jacking them as they listened. I also knew this slender little 18 year old was under my control. I knew that she would do anything that I asked her too. She was aroused and had let herself go. I could tell that she was hotter than she had ever been before. She was beyond caring where she was, she would fuck me now if she were laying flat on her mothers dinning table during thanksgiving dinner. I removed her blouse completely and dropped it into the slime on the floor. Her skirt was next and I pulled it roughly over her head and tossed it into the corner. With the exception of her shoes she was naked. I grabbed her hair and turned her around and firmly pushed her to her knees. She was breathing so heavily and her skin was so hot that she complied as soon as she knew what I wanted. My hand applied to the back of her blonde head and guiding my cock with my other hand I painted her lips with the precum that had begun to form on my swollen cockhead. Then with more pressure to her head my raging dick slid between her lovely lips. I held still letting her suck enjoying her laving tongue and the sight of those to men watching her suck my hard-on. Then holding her head with both hands I began to fuck her face for real. Sliding it in until her nose was buried in my pubic hair then out to the tip again. In and out, harder and harder till the cum spurt out of my balls and shot from the end of my dick into that waiting mouth. I was amazed that she hadn't gagged even once. She moaned at the first taste of cum and eagerly swallowed it down. I slid my cock out of her mouth and stroking it shot the second spurt square in her face. It hit her on the bridge of her nose and spread out and flowed down her pink cheeks. I continued to stroke and spasm after spasm spewed out hitting her lips then her forehead, her chin, she moved her face like a person in the shower trying to wet their whole face. Her hand was between her legs and I knew she was stroking that hard clit not unlike the way I was stroking my cock. Her bangs were plastered to her forehead and her entire face looked slippery and filmy from my pent up ejacu- lation. I motioned to the man at my right to stick his cock through the hole in the wall. His was short but incredibly fat as was the large belly he pressed to the wall on his side of the partition. However it protruded into our space far enough to allow my sexy little companion to get at it. I leaned down and took her hand and placed it on his thick erection. She was startled and started to pull her hand back. I turned her head and when she saw the cock in the dim light her head slumped forward and that fat dick disappeared into her mouth. I stood her up so that her ass was against the other wall as she sucked the man to the right. An eager hand came through the other hole in the wall, and his fingers slipped into her sopping pussy. My hands went to her breasts and fondled them playing with the nipples all the while. Even with the fat mans cock in her mouth she was moan- ing the vibrations from her voice causing him to come prematurely, sending a second load of cum over her tongue and down her throat. To my amazement she was getting frantic for more sex, more cum, more cock. She stood up and wrapped one of her long slender legs around my waist and with her hand took my now rejuvenated rod and put it in her cunt. She was tight but so wet. Her head lolled back and she had both hands on my ass. Her hips moved at a speed that almost caused me to lose my balance. Her voice now had a more frantic quality but at a much lower tone. "Gimmie more dick, fuck me, I need more cock fuck me faster." Her voice was louder and I was sure a crowd had gathered outside our booth. She was breathing in loud gasps now, we turned and I had her pressed against the wall with her firm little sweaty ass pressed against the hole in the partition. She screamed, "Yeah fuck me in the ass shove it in." I realized that the man in that booth was taking advantage of a rare opportunity and that he had stuck his cock into her tight little butt while I filled her pussy. I could feel his cock against mine separated by a thin membrane of flesh. We fucked back and forth in a fantastic rhythm. He screamed, "God I'm coming," and I knew our secret was definitely out. They must have heard that out in the street I thought. I came for the second time and overflowed her pussy, cum ran down her thighs and mingled with the cum that had been shot onto her ass by the anonymous man in the next booth. I stepped back out of breath. My wet cock starting to shrink. She still had that frantic look in her eyes, "I NEED MORE COCK. I NEED MORE COCK NOW!" I tried shushing her but she wasn't listening. She unlocked the door and plunged into the crowd gathered about our booth. The crowd parted then closed again as she disappeared into into the hall. I gathered my clothes and put them on. I stepped out. She was somewhere under that mass of people at the opening at the end of the hall. Clothes were flying every where. The manager tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry I closed the shop and locked the door." He then hurried to where the crowd was, unbuttoning his shirt as he went. My little friend from Iowa was still screaming for more cock. There must have been twenty men kneeling standing laying about her. Hands everywhere, men pushing to get their cocks into anyone of her holes, and still she begged for more. Men jacked off and came on her tits, her face, one man was fucking her hair. She was slick with sweat and cum from head to toe. Her hair was plastered to her head as if she had just climbed out of a pool. One by one they finished, got tired, and stepped back. The last one, a grotesquely obese man, was still on his hands and knees over her. She was on her back bucking up from the floor driving her pussy up onto his dick. She stopped finally, and he came spurting cum over her stomach. Afterwards the manager turned all the lights on and we looked at her. Legs spread, cum running from her and pooling on the floor. Her hair had dried in places and stuck out like it was one solid piece. Her pussy was red and swollen and her hole sort of hung open as if it to was had been stretched beyond repair. I noticed bite marks on her thighs and around the nipples. She was breathing heavily. Her eyes opened and she spied me. She sat up smiled and said, "That was some movie." I retrieved her filthy clothes and she got dressed. I walked her home. Luckily she had a scarf to cover her cum dried hair.

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